Paint Chip Poems

Did you get to writing? 

So here is where all the chips come out! Yesterday I posted two paint chip cards which had some really neat names for the paint colours. Your challenge was to write a poem using those words – it could have been free verse or more structured, you could have written a story even if that tickles your fancy. Mine are mostly all free verse. Some make no sense what so ever. I wrote most of the upcoming poems while in the library with 1st.

I hope you enjoy them! I’m not sure how good they are but I promised I would post them so I am posting them! I don’t let my Giggling Followers down – oh no! If you want to join in, link to this post, or the post from yesterday, or just post in the comments. As always, you can email me at – I love getting emails from you guys! Or just head over to my contact page at the top there and send it that way if you want to.

Yesterday’s colours were:

Heather green, pottery glaze, misted mint AND Auckland Blue, glacier basin, solar sail

Today’s poems are:

I’m reminded of the heatherGreen hills covered in purple waves. Their memory transformed into pottery. Glaze[d] and ready for purchase. A misted mint masterpiece set out for others to enjoy.

His eyes were the colour of the skies over Auckland.
like the clearest part of a glacier basin.
I’m pulled into them.
Their energy enough to power a solar sail.

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