45 Minute Romance


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First of all, before I get started, let me just say I’m sorry for posting three times in one day. That’s not like me. Sure during April I will sometimes post twice with A to Z but I had two scheduled posts for today. I literally just could not sit on this. It’s been a bananas day and this is just one aspect of it!

Today I went to the aquarium, and guys I think I had a mini-date with a stranger.

So there is this moving walkway thing and I got on behind whoever was in front of me. I didn’t really pay attention, I thought he was with the lady in front of him. I don’t generally creep on people in public.

There was this adorable kid behind me losing his mind over the sharks though. And this guy in front of me turned around as this kid was like “OMG MOM A SHARK!!” so I smiled at him in a “cute kid huh?” kind of way. He half smiled, turned around, then turned back around and smiled again. So I smiled back. I was wearing a cute bow in my hair, people tend to do a double take – it’s adorable.

And that’s how it started. Our aquarium romance. Everywhere I went, there he was. Beside me, a little bit away. I’d look up from my phone and we’d smile again. Then I started to notice and kind of seek him out with my eyes. We even ended up leaving at the exact same time – saying our first words to each other. He walked through the door, held it so it didn’t slam on me since I was behind him, and I said: “thank you”.

*sigh* and then, just like that, it was over. We went out separate ways. Never to speak again.

BUT Hot Mess has rubbed off on me and I snuck a picture! I really hope he didn’t notice, but I did it!! I have literally NEVER done that before in my life. Look how horrible it is!



deep in thought over the beautiful jellyfish or wondering why this crazy chick is always beside him? No one will ever know. 


Other than my non-romance, I had a great time at the aquarium!! I touched a crab AND a shark. The following picture is the crab:


The shark felt weird…not like I was expecting. I can’t explain it.

But I had a great time! It would have been better not alone, but it was a great me-date. Would definitely go back again! Please enjoy this slideshow of some of my pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7 thoughts on “45 Minute Romance

  1. Does Toronto have those free ‘missed connections’ in the freebie papers? Out west they had them and you could post ‘had a semi date at the aquarium with you- I’m short with an adorable bow in my hair and you were bald and held the door’ ….?

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