Hairy Situation

There has been an incident…

And it involves Doris.

For those of you who are new to this little piece of crazy, Doris is an integral part of my life. I haven’t talked about Doris very much lately. Probably because the novelty of having her in my life has worn off. There are no more new surprises with her. Except for today…but we’ll get to that later.

Doris is my wig. I was diagnosed with “advanced localized female alopecia” about three years ago. I had always had pretty fine hair – and my natural hair is still pretty fine. But it started thinning out when I was in my early 20’s. It wasn’t long before I was always wearing a ponytail to hide the ever growing bald spot on the back of my head. At first, it was thought to be the result of PCOS, but back in April, I found out I don’t actually have that so it’s just genetics. It’s an annoyance but nothing more. If you want to read all about Doris click here.

In that post, there is a little update that I no longer have my braids. Out of pure convenience (laziness), I chopped off my braids. Literally with a pair of scissors one morning. Now I keep my natural hair to more of a Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby look (100 points to anyone who can reference that phrase from modern culture!)


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I’m a little closed off about talking about my hair to people in real life. My kidlets know about it, and 4th has seen the real hair – post chopping off of the braids. She really wanted to see it, so one day I took Doris off. She looked at my head and BUSTED into laughter. So that pretty much ended that. It was hard to start wearing Doris but now I literally don’t have a day where I don’t wear her. Note: if anyone is going through the same thing and doesn’t talk to their family or friends about it like I do, get your wig, move away for a year and come back wearing it. People just think you have a new haircut and colour.

Last night, I heard a knock on my door, I had already showered and was sans-Doris but I thought it might be the caregiver. She’s seen me many times without Doris so I said to come in. It was my little darling 4th. She had just come back from a whole day out with her mom and didn’t get to see me at all while I was at work (and I even stayed late!). She opened my door and goes “T!!!! I got my glasses!!! WANT TO SEE THEM?!” Not even a blink to my half naked head and, of course, I wanted to see her glasses so she ran off, got them and showed me them. She has two pairs and looks tres adorable in both. She sat on my bed, we shared some candy, and she told me about her day before we heard her granny calling her to go home. I love that little munchkin so freaking much.

And then this morning is when the incident happened.

As always, I was doing my weekly grocery shopping this morning. I was on the bus coming home, and two stops away from home, a lady in a wheelchair was getting on. I was in the wheelchair spot so I picked up my bag of food and moved to the back doors to get off in a few stops. As I was walking, my head hit one of the straps hanging down and Doris came all of the way off before I could stop her!

Like I don’t know what her deal is with me today – but that was just plain rude!! I managed to catch her before she hit the ground, but OMG. I moved to the back door, fluffed her out a little bit and quickly put her back on.

I think I was more affected than anyone else on the bus. It was super embarrassing for me, but I’m sure hardly anyone else even noticed but omg. Definitely a bad way to start my morning. *hides in room for the rest of the day*

16 thoughts on “Hairy Situation

  1. Oh no! You poor thing! That does sound super cringeworthy.
    To be honest, if I saw that happen to someone on a bus, i’d look away to save them the embarrassment. I mean if folks pretend not to see it’s like it never happened right?

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  2. Isn’t becoming the IT thing to do to wear wigs?? People probably just think you’re one of those hip trend setters. At least, that’s what I would think if I saw this happen, especially to a lady with tats! 🙂

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  3. Lol, I’m not wearing my Doris anymore as my hair is growing back after chemo, even if it is white and dark right now and curly. Every day brings a surprise as to how it will look. I never had any wig mishaps but it was sometimes so hot. Revealing my hair to my 5 year old grandson was s little nerve wracking to me. He finally ran his hand over my head and said nana it’s like a little lamb on your head!

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    • Awww like a lamb! Thats sweet! 🙂 I wish my hair would grow back. There is a *small* chance if I have kids it might kick start growth but thats slim. The wig is hot in the summer! Less now that I chopped off my long natural hair 💇 but it did act as an anchor of sorts.


  4. I am sorry that Doris tried to do a runner on you this morning. It sucks how we place so much on how we look externally but I do now how you feel a little.
    I lost a huge amount of my hair after surgery. It was truly scary watching it fall out in chunks. It has taken 8 or 9 months but it is finally growing back.

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  5. That would have been unsettling, but I think everyone realises it could just as easily be something that happened to them. Not necessarily losing a Doris, but trailing toilet paper or some other wish-that-hadn’t-happened scene.

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  6. I agree with the other commenter that said wigs are in now. You are in good company with many other people. My hair thinned significantly when I was on oral chemo. I was sporting a pretty cool bald spot in the back. I had my daughter knit me a hat, so I could look like a some sort of hipster. Of course, this was summer in Florida, so I never did wear it. I just cut my hair real short, like you and Mia.

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    • My bald spot just keeps growing. I’m like semi-over it now but some days I still get down about it. But that’s only like 2% of the time haha. I’m glad wigs are in! Makes me feel all hip and with it (do people still say with it? Now I’m probably not with it anymore just because I asked…)

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