Little of this, a little of that

Since I was kicked out of the house today, its a good day for a random update on everything. 

First of all, its not a permanent kick out. Just until 2:30 (having workers in the house) but then I have work and will be staying late at work tonight so basically I’ll be gone for about 14 hours.

Also, I’m in Starbucks trying to work on online things. But, like always, their wifi isn’t working and I am being forced to write this on my phone. What’s the deal, Starbucks? This happens literally every time. I am so freaking upset right now. I don’t need to be using my data cos you don’t ever have reliable wifi. I should have just went to Tim Hortons.

Lately, in the house, I’ve been having some issues with my food being stolen. I think we have finally found the person responsible and now I am hoping it will stop. Like I’m sorry but if the shelf says my name, don’t touch it. I don’t think thats an unreasonable request.

Things with Mr Potential and myself are pretty much exactly the same. I guess I should stop calling him Mr Potential since we are no longer dating, but the removal of that distinction is the only thing that has changed. We still text all the time. Which I guess is good since it means that maybe our friendship will survive the breakup? Who knows. Oh I guess now in joking we no longer say “relationship over”. He usually says “I would say relationship over but you kind of made that happen”. I can’t tell if he’s being serious or if he’s just joking around. I guess until he yells at me for being a horrible person I will just assume he’s joking.

My beautiful tattoo is healing up so nicely! It has reached its itchy stage though. I have to constantly remind myself not to scratch and its driving me insane! I will not ruin my tattoo….I will not ruin my tattoo!! I WILL NOT RUIN MY TATTOO!! *pulls out lotion and slathers it up*

My first poetry chip weekend was really well recieved. I had one person take up the challenge (that I know of) and ping me in her post. I’ll collect all the ping backs and create a post with all of them in it to post at the end of the month.

Last night I actually got to see salmon spawning. You know where they go jumping up a river to calm water to lay eggs?! There is the Don Mills river right behind my work house and 4th and I and some students sat and watched the salmon jump for a while. It was auh-mazing!!! AMAZING!! Omg.

And now since I have no internet and no more little things to share, I will disgruntly (is that a word?) pull out a book and read until I finish my white mocha and then take myself across the street to Tim Hortons, free wifi, and happiness.

9 thoughts on “Little of this, a little of that

  1. It’s the same here at my Panera – which I no longer frequent because as a Southerner they took away my real sweet tea. Wifi sucks in crowded places usually so our Starbs is the best place to go! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday despite the house work!

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    • I think it will turn out to be ok. I do have to do bedtime routines for the kids all alone which is always a struggle but I’ll try to keep my patience as long as possible hehe. The wifi is always good at Tims. I just really wanted a white mocha so here I am…lol

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    • LOL that was a lot of complaining all at once wasn’t it? The wifi is sooo much better at Tim’s – early lunch too! YUM. The house keeper, the one I’ve written about before, found the girl in my drawer in my the fridge this morning and was like “do you not see the name here? You can’t take from it” Apparently the girl gave massive attitude over it lol. The house work is just spraying for bugs so it should be easy peasy. Happy Tuesday to you too Angela!

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