All the Single Ladies!

Now put your hands up!

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Well – it’s happened. Mr Potential and I have ended our romantic relationship.

Before you all get “omg T! I’m so sorry!! I’m here for you girl” it’s not needed. Like totally appreciated, you amazing person you, but it’s definitely not needed.

There just came a point over the last six weeks that whatever we had moved from dating to “hey I’m hanging out with a super cool friend”. At least in my mind. I had been trying to figure out in my mind over the last week or so what was going on with my feelings and I finally settled on it. He was just my friend. Actually, it’s more like hanging out with Le Brother – they are so similar. That might have been what it was…plus a few traits that were annoying the heck out of me.

I wanted to have that conversation in person, and not over text. But since I’m a big fat chicken, I sent him a text this morning. We hadn’t really talked all week and I just needed it to be out there and for us to deal with it.

After I left church this morning, I noticed he had replied. I said in my text that I thought we should continue just as friends and he wasn’t too straight forward on that in his reply (gah texting!) so I sent back a silly message and we are all good. It’s literally like nothing has changed. Except now instead of him jokingly saying “relationship over” he goes, “I would say relationship over but you beat me to it”. That was funny once or twice, fingers crossed he doesn’t drag it out too long.

We did have a discussion on who would be getting Alfonso in our split. I thought custody should be solely mine since he was my hippoΒ before the relationship, but he demanded we share it! I agreed but only if he started spelling it Alfonso and not Alphonso (like it’s been 6 weeks dude, learn his name!). Apparently, that was too much to ask and I now have sole custody. He does keep the clown army though. He can have the clown army – I won’t fight that.

So…yup…that’s it. It’s over and done, and hopefully moving forward we can keep up our friendship that’s started. Because it’s a really nice one.

But now comes that weird in the middle phase. Remember back in May whenΒ he flipped his lid because I waited literally a week to tell him I had alopecia and I was literally crushed for a solid month or so? To try to snap myself out of that, I took myself on a date. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do again!!

So in two weeks (after Thanksgiving of course), on the 15th, I’m going to take myself on a date. To the aquarium. After church.

It will be rocking. I’m going to go to church, come home, have lunch, grab my camera, and go to the aquarium. I’ve wanted to go since it opened and I still haven’t! I’ve lived in Toronto for almost a year andΒ still haven’t gone! So it’s going to happen! I’m going to spend a few hours there in the afternoon and have a lovely time, and I’ll post some pictures after for you guys.

18 thoughts on “All the Single Ladies!

  1. I’m actually heading to the aquarium in Atlanta on the 14th!! Fella and I are going down there for a football game that Sunday, so we decided to head to the aquarium on Saturday, so I can befriend ALL the turtles (I ❀ turtles the way you ❀ hippos). πŸ™‚

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  2. Nice to hear you have happily moved on hopefully your mr right is just around the corner, we are two single ladies from the UK who have written about being single if you could check us out and feel free to comment as we are looking for feedback on what dialemas and obstacles women face to find that perfect mr right..

    Thankyou in advance 😊


    • Thanks for stopping by and reading πŸ™‚ It took a little bit longer to move on than I expected, he just didnt seem to want to let us go (not in a creepy/scary way!) But eventually it got left behind


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