Seasonal Transitions

I realised something a little strange about myself last night. 

I know this blog is kind of like my chronicles of strangeness, but just bear with me.

Last night, as I was laying in bed trying to find a position that was comfortable but where my new tattoo didn’t rub on the sheets or under the pillow or touch anything around it (not even the air omg it is so tender), I had a thought:

I have definite clothing rituals around the changing of the seasons.

Like not just “out with the summer, in with the fall” – but an actual routine.

When it changes from hot to cool, I immediately bust out all the long pants (this year all the leggings!!) and light sweaters for everyday wear. If it’s a warmer day, just take the light sweater off.

But for sleeping, it’s a little more complicated. I love my summer sheets. They are a matching colour to my comforter and throw pillows and little rug. It’s a cute little set. When I need new sheets, I buy in the same colour pallet. So I like to keep them out as long as possible. But the nights are getting cooler now so I need a little more warmth – what I do is a little bit silly. I slowly start to change over my pyjamas. Like two nights ago I was in full summer pyjamas. Last night, summer top, winter bottoms. I’ll continue on like this until it gets a little cooler and then I’ll switch to winter tops and bottoms, and THEN only when it’s too cold for sleeping, will I change over my summer sheets to my winter ones. This usually happens in November. They don’t match all my other things so they kind of make me sad. I can’t find any winter sheets to match! I keep looking every year.

Now, in the springtime, it’s a little bit of the opposite. I will switch my sheets right away, and my pj’s don’t get a long drawn out transition. But my actual clothes do. They slowly slowly change over from long pants and sweaters to lighter sweaters, to no sweaters, to lighter shirts, to t-shirts and finally to skirts and shorts. I try to avoid that transition for as long as possible.

How about you? Do you have any silly routines like this?

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Transitions

  1. I think with clothes it’s a quick transition. However, there’s a fan transition. In hot weather, my boyfriend and I sleep with the window a/c running steadily. (We need the background noise to fall asleep.) As the weather cools, we go from window a/c to window fan, and then window closed fan on the floor. Reverse steps from cold weather back to summer.

    Interesting post, made me realize something I never thought of!

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