Unsupervised Fun

It’s Friday, my day off, and I was left unsupervised. 

I guess the title is a little bit misleading. Ya’ll probably clicked the “read more” part hoping to see some sort of shenanigans here – when you all know I’m a wholesome, lovable cinnamon bun who would never get into any sort of trouble.

Today I did something I promised myself I would never do – I got another tattoo. I got my first one when I was 18, the summer between high school and my first go at university. I got my 4th one after I wrote my last exam for my first go at university. It was a great way to bookend those 5 years of my life. You can read all about those 4 tattoos here. Each has a cute little meaning and a placement to match.

After my 3rd, my dad asked me why I wanted to be a billboard. After my 4th, he just shook his head and laughed and I promised him (and myself) no more. Seven years later, I broke that promise. But whatever! He knew I was getting it, and honestly, I should have started with this one. If I could switch out my shoulder tattoo for this tattoo to still stay at only 4 tattoos, I would. But I can’t so let’s not even talk about that, ok? Ok.

I’ve been wanting a hippo tattoo for about 5 years now. I’ve researched ideas and then moved on. Probably every 9 months I go through the ritual. But this time – I actually finished it! Once I got permission from my boss, I was unstoppable! I went the next day to talk to an artist close by. I was only going to ask about touching up the tattoo on my shoulder, thinking it would push off the urge to get a brand new tattoo (and hold true to the promise I made my dad and to myself). But when I walked in and met this artist, I didn’t even ask about my shoulder. I just went right into pricing for my hippo.

I wanted it on my wrist so I could see it every day and had a few ideas on what I wanted it to look like. I figured I would need to have it drawn by the artist but she loved the few designs I brought in and we used one of those. Which is awesome because I am literally so in love right now.

It took just over two hours, no breaks, and I honestly could not be happier. I can’t wait for the bandage to come off tonight so I can just stare at it lovingly (that’s not weird right? We’re allowed to be weird here).

So without further ado, here is the reference picture she started with. It’s by an artist called Posie Meadows, and I just found it on Google. But it’s adorable.

Image result for posie meadows hippo

And then here is the stencil she created, a picture about halfway, and then the final result.

Now, I know it looks huge in the picture but it’s actually not that big. And I seriously love love love love love love LOVE it. She even has eyelashes!! The cutest little eyelashes!! And a shadow so it looks like she’s sitting on me. 2nd named her, and her name is Lily.

I’m sure you all want to know where I got this done – so I’m going to tell you. I went to Wild Ink Studios in Scarborough. It’s a great shop with a great vibe. I was treated so well there. The artist who did my tattoo was Britt (don’t worry, I asked before using her real name!) And you can check her out on Instagram @brittholdthebrat  She’s auh-mazing. She literally did so much detail in such a small amount of space. And we even shared some oreos when it was all done (I had a container in my bag for a sugary post-tattoo snack).

Even after the amazing job that Britt did, I even get one free touch up! It has to be within the first 3 months, but that’s totally fine. I’m not sure if I will need it. We’ll see after it heals.

I can not recommend Britt’s work enough. Honestly, if you’re in the Toronto area, go to her. She rocks. Tell her the cute hippo girl sent you. And if you recognise the hippo on me while I’m out in public, come say hi. I don’t bite 😉

34 thoughts on “Unsupervised Fun

    • I know! I was so shocked she couls get so much detail and cuteness in such a small area. I have the word faith on my other wrist…like not right at my wrist cos I was afraid of the pain way back then. Now I’m hardcore (cinnamon bun) and a huge bad-ass (I’m a marshmallow) and don’t handle the pain (omg my wrist was on fire for like an hour after I got home)


    • Thank you!! I really appreciate when non-tattoo people like one of mine. My bosses are strict Catholics and had a family meeting before saying I could get another one (I asked) and they are even in shock over it. I just love it so much


  1. Adorable!! I’m thinking about getting a tat myself; have been for 2 years now, but I can’t seem to make up my mind. I’ve narrowed it down quite a bit though. I’m thinking it will be soon though… I’m an over thinker, so this might have to be something that is done on a bit of a whim. 🙂

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    • My first one was totally on a whim. I walked into a shop with my friend (she knew the artist we were going to talk to) and just wanted to talk to him about some things and he’s like “well we can do it right now, or in two months” and I left with a tattoo haha. This one was kind of a whim too…like I’ve been planning a hippo tattoo for about 5 years but never anything concrete. I love it though!!! It’s entering it’s “scabbing and itching” phase of healing which is driving me insane at the moment but I will make it through without scratching!! *I hope*

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      • Fella has 3 and he’s constantly asking when I’m going to get one. I tell him ‘why mess with perfection’ just to shut him up, but I do want one; but I want the right one. I went in to a shop to get one last year, but the artist told me that what I wanted and where I wanted it wouldn’t work, so I walked away pouting.

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