My laugh sounds like…

Just in case you were wondering, of course. 

Yesterday afternoon, about an hour before I had to leave for work, I got a text from my boss asking me to pick up 2nd and 3rd from school. She had 1st and 4th at an appointment downtown (for anyone who knows Toronto, having two hours between the text message and the end of school sometimes just isn’t enough time to make it all the way back). No problem! I drive their vehicles and also have a bus pass provided each month just in case. Today we had to take the bus (the only vehicle provided was a standard. I can’t drive standards), but no biggie.

2nd had spent the whole day at We Day, so she was half jazzed and half exhausted. Poor thing had to wake up at 5:25 am. Who invented a 5:25 AM?! UGH.

3rd, like always, took his sweet time after school. He likes to play with his friends. Which is fine! But when I say it’s time to go, it’s time to go! Not 25 minutes later. We grabbed a treat at the corner store on our way to the bus and off we went. Both were in such a great, happy, hyper mood. Which is a clear indicator of over-tiredness and impending tantrums later at the house.

Back at the house, no problems. They were in a great mood. It’s never just us three. It was a weird dynamic but I was digging it! Dinner wasn’t ready and the mom still wasn’t back. At 5:15 I sent a text asking if she had an ETA since the high school students were coming to the kitchen every 5 minutes wanting dinner. at 6:45 she calls and asked what was happening. All I needed was a jar of pasta sauce – the cook said the mom was bringing it. The mom thought the dad was bringing it. Tsk tsk! So she told me to just run to the store. That’s no problem! The dad had switched out vehicles so one of the vans was there for me to drive. After taking about 20 minutes to get 3rd to turn off the TV (there is apparently no good reason to turn off Spongebob – who knew?) we were in the van and off to the store. Again, other than having to wait for him, no problems.

We get back, dinner is being eaten, and 2nd and 3rd are playing nicely. Well, they were hyper as all get out and playing leap-frog in the middle of the front room – giving me a mini-heart attack every time 2nd went to jump over 3rd (my attempts to have them stop went unnoticed by both…but no one died so that’s a successful game, right?)

I finally got them into their parents’ room to watch some tv before bed, they were calm for like 45 minutes and then I did my “ok! Two episodes of Looney Toones are over, let’s get into bed” (it was after 9). But they were hungry now since they didn’t eat dinner.

In a bubble of giggles, we all went to the kitchen and then 3rd said this gem which literally made me stop what I was doing for a solid 2 minutes to just laugh it off:

Yeah but ya know what?! Giggling Fattie has a tiny teddy bear giggle. She sounds like a marshmallow!

The parents both showed up at the same time (9:45 – when I’m supposed to be done at 8:30 but that’s normal so I’m used to it and don’t mind the extra pay) and I went home exhausted and with sore cheeks and ribs from laughter. Probably the best way to end a night.

So just in case any of you were wondering: I have a tiny teddy bear giggle which sounds like a marshmallow.

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