Technology Troubles

I have totally figured it out, guys!! 

Yesterday, ya’ll were like amazing. Not just amazing, but awesome! Awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles.

A lot of you weighed in on my issue with technology and the kidlets that I nanny and I appreciate it from the bottom of my ice-filled Canadian heart. I really do! I took it all in, mulled it over, had a chat with the mom yesterday and then it clicked! It finally clicked!

Now I hope this works – the plan was hatched at about 1:30 am while I was trying to sleep but my brain was all “Yo T! Hows about we think about this?” No thank you, Brain. I wants to sleep. But sleep I did not get. Instead – I got a plan.

So I have two devices and I have two girls who want to play the same games but one who is all “no you can’t play that! It’s JUST FOR ME!!!” *throws my new phone into the cup holders in the van and bursts into tears* So the solution is simple.

Well, it’s a combination of a lot of the suggestions that you lovely folks gave me.

So here it is:

First: the rule still applies that you can’t download any games. Tell me what you want, and I will add it.

Second: I will make folders and keep apps for everyone!

BAM!! Two devices – two different systems!

So this might be the lack of sleep talking but I think it will totally work. On the Ipad, load the games and put them into a folder for 2nd. She can only play the games on the Ipad. THEN put the same games that she likes but that 4th also likes on the phone but have that be free for everyone to play.

OMG, why didn’t I think about this before?! Genius!!!

Ps: I love you guys.

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