Nail Art Sunday: Ombre Rainbows

What?! It’s time for a new nail design already?! Yes – yes it is! 

I had a lovely request from Bone&Silver to do rainbow nails for my next nail design. She lives in Australia and has a wonderful blog (ya’ll need to go and check it out), and Australia is in the voting stages of changing laws surrounding same-sex marriage and marriage equality – which, for the record, I am so totally for. I was super proud when laws were changed here in Canada, and I hope my fellow common-wealth country has the same result once all the votes are counted. Best of luck friends!

But onto my nails! I went through many designs on Pinterest before I settled on a simple ombre. I could have tried to draw on literal rainbows, or do stripes on my nails, or dots. But the ombre felt like a good choice for many reasons. Mostly being able to do it by myself on my non-dominant hand without it looking like a 2-year-old attacked me with a sponge, but also it wouldn’t be overpowering to have it on all my nails and would be a nice design to wear for the next two weeks.

I didn’t have enough colours to do a dark version, so I ended up going with an array of pastels – which look amazing together btw. The video is probably the shortest I have ever made because, and I’ll hold for the collective gasp, everything worked as planned.

Gasping over? Did you break out into a coughing fit after the gasp and need some water to get sorted out? I know! I was as shocked as all of you – it all worked out. No problems, no issues, no taking all the polish off and having to revert to plan C or D. It legit worked.

Check out my less than 3-minute video on my ombre nails here:

Now, I know what you are all thinking….”gurl….you said the wrong number for the orange” and I know. I caught that too! The orange is number 1057 NOT 1053. Apparently, my teaching degree means nothing and I can’t read simple numbers. I will register myself in junior kindergarten as soon as I finish posting this. *facepalm*

Just to get a better idea of how cute these nails look, here is a semi-decent picture of what I’m sporting:

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

They look almost good enough to eat. One Facebook friend has said they look like candy. I think these colours would definitely look great around Easter, and I might bust them out then as well. Maybe attempt to draw on a little bunny over top? How adorable.

Thank you once again Bone&Silver for the design suggestion. For all of you who are wanting to give design suggestions let me know! I can try lots of things with my collection of tools so don’t be shy.

However: I have been pretty hard on my nails these last few months, so I have decided to take a little bit of a break from the gel polish. My nails need to breathe and strengthen up. I think once this design comes off, I’ll want to give at least a 6-week growth cycle before my next gel polish application, so look for new gel polish designs around Christmas. I do have regular polish, just not as many colours so I might work up some videos with that instead. Any design suggestions will be put into my planner so I can work through them once my nails have a little bit of a break.

Since I love having an art element to my blog, watch out for a new segment starting next weekend!

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    From my post about the Rainbow bar on my blog HERE
    (which we then discovered is on all Australian blogs as a symbol of WordPress’s support for the Marriage Equality debate/issue/fiasco), comes this delightful & fun response, by my lovely Reader No Love For Fatties in Canada! Thank you : ) xx

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