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Giggling Followers!! OMG, it’sย finally fall!! And guess what – I had a fantabulous sleep last night. Mr Potential’s army of clowns kept away all the bed bugs and the zombie clown Drakes and I actually got some rest. Earplugs for the win!

I apologise for my cranky panda-ness this past week. It was the lack of sleep. I know I’m a grown up and should be above all that…but I’m not. I’m sorry.

BUT today: I’m kind of rocking life – so far. It’s only 9am so things might change, but whatever. IT’S FALL!

I love fall. Leggings and boots and hot apple cider and the leaves changing colour and crisp air and crunchy steps.

Of course, here in Canada, Mother Nature hasn’t quite gotten the memo that this basic white chick wants to be in fall attire for her upcoming dates before the snow hits. It’s going to feel like 32 degrees this afternoon, tomorrow will apparently have a high of 31 (real feel?! Who knows!) same with Sunday. Monday-Wednesday is predicted to be in the 28-29 degree range. What the fudge muffin is happening?!

But then….oooo then Thursday hits. Glorious Thursday next week. A high of only 19!! 15 on Saturday andย just thirteen by Tuesday. Bring on the layers and the scarves!! This girl is inย heaven *sing-song voice that last word*

So freaking excited over here – probably just from having a good night sleep, but also for fall. I love love love love LOVVVVVVVVVE fall!

Image result for first day of fall

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36 thoughts on “FINALLY

  1. Are you talking 30 degrees Fahrenheit or celcius?! lol because 30 anything degrees I mean lets bump that up to 48 degrees here in Florida EQUALS boots and 26 scarves and 3 pairs of layered pants. Jeesssussss! lol! I LOVE fall too. My birthday and Halloween are my 2 favorite holidays on the calendar and both are in October! But PUMPKIN SPICE ANYTHING- can literally die. I can’t EVEN with my hatred for pumpkin flavored anything lmao and around this time, I start ranting about it (stay tuned lol) also-SO GLAD things are going well with Mr. So Far So Good!

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  2. *sighs
    We’ve just hit Spring here in Oz, and already it feels like a horrible hot dry summer is coming… we’ve had no rain for two months (yet 4 months ago it was flooding) : (
    I love Autumn too! Enjoy, I’m jealous

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