Problematic Roommates Part 3

UGH!!! I thought this series could have ended with part 2. But apparently not. So this is going to be a huge rant. If you’re not in the mood for a rant today, just by-pass this. I won’t be upset. 

So this stupid lady that I live with O-M-G!!! Like I am almost at my wit’s end. This is the one who I wrote about in my post about the lady who was rude in Subway, and also in my post about being in a full house again.

But this week….omg this week she is testing every. single. LAST OUNCE of my patience and good nature. I am 100000000% sure there is steam coming from my ears right now.

She has to get up to make breakfast for the students, which she was annoyed about. She always gets up earlier than everyone else but apparently still waking up at 6:30 but having to come out of her room before 8 is the problem. When I wake up, I like to have a nice quiet start to my day. Sitting with my phone, checking Pinterest, texting Mr Potential (if he’s awake), sipping coffee. That’s a nice morning. The students are all quiet too. Mostly because they are teenagers and have to be up for school.

But her?! No not her!!

She likes to listen to videos on her Facebook. Which is totally fine. But she listens to them at FULL VOLUME. So on Monday, I turn around in my chair, once most of the students have finished eating, and ask really nicely by the way! “could you turn the volume down a little, please?” Then she gets all “you’re telling me to turn my things off?” and mumbling under her breath and she turns it off completely. I go “no not off, just down a little. It’s so loud.” And then the students are all gone so I no longer have any protection.

Most of the doors in this house automatically close when you let go of them. Now she gets up at 6:30 to have some quiet time in her room (which is why she’s ready to listen to full volume by the time everyone else is awake). But first, she goes into the bathroom. Which means: she opens her door and lets it slam behind her (wakes me up sometimes), then goes into the bathroom which is right beside my door, and slams the door there (doesn’t turn the handle to make that sound softer) which most definitely wakes me up. Then the lock is this flip thing that can make a lot of noise if you just slap it closed, which she does. And then, of course, the reverse when she leaves. THEN omg this morning she comes BACK to the bathroom WITH HER PHONE ON FULL VOLUME. And I’m in my bed, my alarm has not gone off yet. I’m pissed because she has woken me up which means I can’t get back to sleep. And THEN the stupid phone is playing some video!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?! I audibly groan from my room – because, duh, of course!! It’s like 7 am!! And instantly the sound stops.

In my mind (half asleep, and in fully pissed off ginger mode) this is what happened: she took her phone and stood outside my door with it playing until she KNEW I was awake and then turned it off. Now if that’s the case, that would be totally petty for a 40-year-old grown ass woman.

Then in the kitchen, she makes a ruckus while putting dishes away, keeping the hallway door open so everyone can hear her, she talks to herself and sings while staring out the window. Oblivious to the fact that some people just want quiet in the morning!

Thankfully I have Mr Potential to offer hypothetical situations on what might just happen to her phone if it found its way to his work desk….apparently smashing it with a hammer (my suggestion) is vandalism BUT wires/connectors become disconnected all the time *wink wink*. He’s so supportive lol.

*Please be advised that none of these ideas will ever actually happen. I’m not that kind of person*

I could just wear earplugs. If I get them in right, I sleep through almost anything. But the only downside is that I can’t hear my alarm when it goes off and then I sleep through my alarm. Not good for the days when I actually have to be up at my normal time. But also that can be good for when I’m just utterly exhausted and need to get some decent sleep.

Ok…rant over….

27 thoughts on “Problematic Roommates Part 3

    • Suggestions are always welcome! Although if they are the “try talking to her” variety, after Monday I am pretty sure that route doesn’t work. She was pissed at me for basically the whole day just for asking her to turn the volume down….

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      • Get her a pair of cheap ear buds and explain to her (I know, talk…) that, given the living arrangement, you would appreciate a bit of quiet time in the morning ending at a certain time. Be as specific as you can. Again, just a suggestion. 🙂

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        • It’s a good suggestion!! I have actually considered it 🙂 It’s her temper that I’m worried about in doing something so forward. I know it doesn’t help anything to just keep it all bottled up either – but she likes to be in control and doesn’t like to be told to do anything….she keeps saying she is going to be finding her own place. So I’m hoping that day will come quickly 😀

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  1. Haha oh the days of roommates. Also the ear plug thing I have a love/hate relationship with those. They are uncomfortable and I’ve accidentally slept through an alarm before only to startle myself awake with the alarm in the background going off for 10 minutes.

    My husband and I just moved out recently to our own place, albeit more expensive but we have avoided some other awkward roommate stories. (He’s also guilty of needing to watch or listen to something full blast as part of his morning routine, but I always wake up earlier than him.)
    – Needed to install a fridge lock because someone was relentlessly stealing our food. PLUS making a mess with the ketchup bottle not closing it properly.
    – Someone drank some of our wine and tried to hide the evidence by adding water to dilute it.
    – Messy roommates in general leaving dishes in the sink to pile up to faucet head.
    To be fair we did have a lot of good moments with some of them.

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    • The more I get to know this person, the more I can’t stand them. And I think I’m just at the point now where I can’t let it just roll off my shoulder anymore, ya know? I am going through a food stealing thing right now too. Which is sad because we all have our own baskets in the fridge for our stuff. I think one of the kidlets I nanny took something from my basket last night when she was here doing homework. I’ll just have to make a bigger label for my basket so it’s very obvious it’s not for the house.


  2. Ah I hate annoying coworkers! But, my solution, it might help to go out of your way a bit and buy her a set of headphones to use with her phone. She might take it as a peace offering, and you can get some peace and quiet (assuming she actually uses them)

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  3. Have you spoke to her directly and let her know that she lives With other people and it’s disrespectful and rude? Perhaps a tete a tete is the answer?
    P s–it’s funny to listen to your rants. The f bombs are sometimes appropriate

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