So umm…

I was just wondering….like….I guess….do you want to go out sometime….maybe? 

I know, I know – this blog has kind of been taken over my gushy mushy things lately. Let’s all just blame Mr Potential, shall we? Or the clown army he says he has stationed in/around my room/house. As he would say: “sure, blame the Asian.” To which I reply, “I always do!” It’s a good system.

I think we should carry on with this idea of gushy things, and talk about the first time someone asked me out. Like actually asked me out, for reals, on a date. I remember it really well actually, and it’s an adorable story.

When I was in grade 8, my parents decided to move from the middle of nowhere into Kitchener – the place where they met and lived for the first 6-ish years of their marriage, or until I was in kindergarten. That year, my dad was transferred from Waterloo to Woodstock, and we moved to a little spit of a town halfway between. Then, in grade 7 my dad retired from his government job and we moved back to Kitchener. I started my new school on Halloween day. Which sucked by the way. Want to give a girl anxiety about meeting new people? Make her have to meet them twice because the first day they were all in costumes and she didn’t recognise any of them the next day. Yeah. Thank you very much, parents.  My brother started his new school in September because it was his grade 9 year, and my parents wanted him to start high school at his new high school. It took a little convincing with the school to prove he had a local address, and the waste of time to drive him 30 minutes into the city every day and then pick him up again after, but whatever. My parents have this thing about buying a house and taking procession of it at least a month or two in advance so they can clean and paint and stuff before having to move in, so that worked out well for them.

So, here I am, shy little Giggling Fattie, starting a new school. My mom told me I could be whoever I wanted at my new school, so I tried to be a little bit more outgoing and less shy and now look at me! I transformed into my FAB-U-LOUS! self 😉

At this middle school (which had more students in just grade 7 and 8 than my old school had from K-8), I was in a homeroom with two different classes. Like there were students from 7A (me) and 7B (him) in the same homeroom. I’m not sure why they did that but whatever. We actually sat beside each other for the whole year during that first little bit of the day. I had a girl on the other side of me, a close friend of mine, and he had a close friend of his on the other side. The 4 of us were kind of thick as thieves I guess. But he and I were always arguing with each other.

One day, maybe after our Christmas break, he got really weird and a little quiet. To put this in perspective with where I was in my life at the time, this was right in the middle of my Wayne phase. Wayne: the only person to ever have their real name be used on this site. I had just been introduced to online chat rooms about a year before and was sucked into Wayne’s charm and all the attention he was giving me. I was “in love”.

So this one day, we were sitting on our stools in this art room, and we were working on a project together. I was on the 3rd stool in the row and he was on the 4th so whenever we had to have partners, we were always together.

Anyways…so he started to get a little quiet and kind of doodle little circles on his paper (seriously just remembered that cute little detail as I’m writing this. It’s a little freaky how things like that come back to you isn’t it?) and I can see his buddy kind of elbowing him. So he leans over and goes “hey, can I ask you a question?” And of course, I say “yeah sure”.

He doesn’t even look up or anything, and he goes “So umm….I was just wondering…like…I guess….do you want to go out sometime….maybe?”

This is a guy who has so much charisma and presence in a room and I was totally intimidated by how shy he was being. He literally was the captain of the football team in high school. Both junior and senior teams. He was that guy. Mr Popular.

Now, I wasn’t allowed to date until I was 16. And I knew that. But I was also right in the middle of thinking that I was in love with stupid Wayne. So stupid me says, “oh…wow..that’s really sweet…but I can’t.”

“Oh….are you seeing someone else?”

“Yeah….kinda” Guuuuurrrrrrl!! You just lied to a really sweet boy. You stupid. I regretted it almost as soon as the words came out of my mouth. Should have just said I couldn’t date. At least that was the truth.

“Oh, yeah ok. Sorry, I didn’t know.”

A while later, I can’t remember if it was still in grade 8 or later in high school, but I was sitting with that other girl from art class and her cousin and their friends (they were the popular girls) and I just happened to mention that he had asked me out. They were all talking about him needing to date someone, and I was like “oo he asked me out once.” Then one turned to me, in utter shock and disbelief, and said, “O-M-G you should have gone out with him. You would have been so popular.”

After the asking out, the teasing and arguing stopped in homeroom and we actually became friends. In high school, he was in a lot of my classes and he was actually really good friends with that one guy everyone thought I was dating but I wasn’t. Even in our first year of university, all 3 of us would grab coffee sometimes. I kind of creeped him on Facebook a while back and he has a few kids now – cute little girls. He always dreamed of being a dentist but I don’t think he ended up being one.

Do you remember the first time you were asked out? Do you have a cute story?

32 thoughts on “So umm…

  1. Well, being a guy, I wasn’t asked out by a girl until I was in high school, her homecoming dance. I was asked a few more times in high school and several other times in college. I’ve been with my wife for 25 years now though, so I haven’t been asked out in long time. 😃

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  2. Awww that is really cute!

    Did you ever consider telling him later you’d dumped your other lad so you could go out with him? Or was it kind of nice being good friends?

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  3. My first official ‘come pick me up at my house’ date was my senior year in h s. We were from neighboring towns. He was cool, cute, nice. He plated football and had a nice set of lips. Hah! For the date, I ran out of the house and didn’t ask him to come in. I remember we watched a mobie–Hope Floats. And he teased me BC I got teary eyed. He’s a nice guy still. We are still kinda friends, (we are facebook friends, i see him for holidays and his kids birthdays ). BC he ended up marrying my friend from childhood/middle school/high school and now. I was their maid of honor and am the nanny (godmother) to their first born son. ☺☺☺

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    • Aww that’s such a cute story!! I’m pretty sure my parents think I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve had ONE guy pick me up at home and that was like 3 years ago haha and I did the same – ran out to meet him in the drive way

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