Hall of Diamonds

On Sunday at church, my pastor talked about many good things. But the one thing that stuck the most with me was this palace in Iran and its hall of diamonds. 

So basically, in a nut shell, this is what happened: a guy was designing this palace and he wanted a hall of mirrors. Like the whole thing with mirrors. Mirrors everywhere. He searched all over the world for the best mirrors and settled on craftsmen in France to make them. He ordered them and had them shipped. When they arrived at the docks, he ran down to look at them, and every crate that he opened was just shards of glass. All the mirrors were broken.

Instead of just falling apart and crying (something that yours truly would do) over the destruction of all his mirrors, he took the shards of glass and built a hall of diamonds. And it’s gorgeous.

Image result for the hall of diamonds

Image result for the hall of diamonds

Image result for the hall of diamonds

As any regular reader of this blog would know, I’m not a fan of real diamonds, but this is something that I could definitely get behind. It’s GORG-e-OUS!

You can read up on the palace here or just google “hall of diamonds” and find tons of other great pictures of this masterpiece. I think I’ve found another thing to put on my bucket list!!

*all photos taken from google*

22 thoughts on “Hall of Diamonds

  1. Ooooh I think I saw this place on Samsara (or maybe it was Baraka…I love both of those films!) I didn’t know the story behind it though.

    That actually makes it even nicer! 😀

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