ODS: Part X

Can this still be called the “online dating saga” if we’re actually dating IRL? 

So this weekend I’ve kind of been a little bit annoyed with Mr Potential (thanks Gretchen for the alias upgrade!). He’s in the process of switching from a blah job to a better job. He’s a bartender, so he usually works Friday/Saturday nights until very very early in the morning. Like, I’m talking getting home at 4 am early. And by usually, I mean in the last 3 weeks of us dating…

Anyways! So he left his one job because he has this new one starting and didn’t know his schedule for this week. No biggie – it was agreed that when he knew his schedule, we’d pick a morning and have coffee or lunch or something before I had to be at work. Well, the whole week went by and he hadn’t heard from this new job. Friday comes around, one of my days off where I have nothing else planned, and I send him a message asking if I’m doing “possibility of seeing you makeup or no possibility of seeing you makeup” and he goes “I don’t know” and goes on to talk about something stupid…

Ok…well if you hadn’t heard from your job by 10am on Friday morning I doubt that you’d be working today so maybe let’s plan to do something because I miss you and haven’t seen you all week

I didn’t actually say that, though. I went on with my day doing what I had planned to do if he wasn’t available. I’m not going to sit at home and wait for him to decide he’s ready to do something. I went shopping and got some new leggings (YAS!!!) and winter pj’s, did my nails, binged a little Shameless on Netflix. It was a nice relaxing day. But I was also kind of annoyed.

Saturday, same thing. I’m done work at 3 and no plans. I said we should do something and he asked what I wanted to do. I said “it doesn’t really matter I just miss you” But then he said he had homework for this other job he just got – a promise of 4 whole shifts a year! (He told me not to spend all that money in one place lol but it does come with a discount to the aquarium so he’s going to take me! 😀 ). He has to read this 3-inch thick book and be prepared for a quiz on all that information. So then I felt bad that I was being all whiny and pouty about not seeing him when he really had things to be doing that weren’t playing video games or fixing a computer mouse he bought at a thrift store. Yeah, he’s a tinkerer and super handy with technology stuff.

Sunday rolls around, and I get out of church to a few messages from him on my phone. He had just bought 6 laptops off Kijiji for $60 and he was like a kid in a candy store – beyond happy. He’s going on and on about how he’s so easily distracted so a few hours after getting home from church I told him to get distracted for about an hour and have coffee with me. But he apparently was planning on an early dinner for us! YAY

We met up and had a great dinner at this Viet-Thai place in his neighbourhood that he was wanting to try. It was super yummy! Although, I’m not sure if it was just because I ordered the Pad Thai, or because I was white, but the waitress brought my plate and a fork. No one else was getting forks! Well, the group of 4 police officers that came in a few minutes later all got forks, but again, all white lol. I can use chopsticks lady – and even if I couldn’t, let my Chinese boy laugh at me while I try/offer to show me how to do it right. It’s adorable.

We then took a walk around the area, we passed this really pretty civic centre with this little garden area with hanging flowers and vines and I pulled him into there to walk through it. We walked down the Danforth and found a Tim’s which was inside an old movie theatre! Like even the sign out front was still the old marquee from the movie theatre and had “Tim Hortons” in those movie theatre letters on it! It was so cool! We sat and talked and people watched for a little bit and then walked through Greek town to the bus station to get me home.

He still hasn’t kissed me yet…. And I know ya’ll are like “Gurl- you can kiss him first too ya know” and I’m sitting over here all like “yeah I can’t!” I don’t know what it is but I’ve never been able to. I thought he was actually going to for a second (actually anytime he randomly stops walking and pulls me in real close and gets all quiet and intense I think he’s going to)…we were in that garden thing, and he did that thing where his thumb was on my cheek and the rest of his fingers were on the back of my neck and he pulled me in real close and I felt like the butterflies were going to freaking explode from my stomach – and he just booped my nose and pulled me into a hug…

Maybe I should download that song from The Little Mermaid and just play it whenever we are together?

19 thoughts on “ODS: Part X

  1. This is all super exciting! However I’d like to just point out that I love the fact you’re watching shameless! (It is the UK one right (I can’t remember if the US stole it and made a version) but yeah not all manchester is like that. In fact its mostly not – apart from the accent. That is – well just listen to liam or noel gallagher. I apologise for getting more excited about you watching shameless than your mr potential.

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