Nail Art Sunday: Nail Vinyls

I have once again tried something new and it ended horribly. Check it out! 

So Friday  I was having an off day. I was a little annoyed at Mr Potential (the new name for the guy I’ve recently started seeing) so I needed to occupy my time in a way to make things better. I went shopping (I’m not a retail therapy type but I found some cute new winter pj’s so I’m all excited) and then decided to do a new manicure. New manicures always make me feel better.

I wanted to try out my new nail vinyls, and I did. You can see the horror show here:

Just quickly before I move on, I did mention a few names in the video that you should check out.

First of all, CutePolish. It’s a youtube channel full of nail art tips and tricks and their videos are soooo much better than mine.

Secondly, Hot Mess (again!). While doing the first half of my right hand, I was able to listen to her read a chapter from her book. It was lovely. And I need more chapters HM. MORE. CHAPTERS.

Now back to this disaster of a nail tutorial.

I wanted the vinyls, and they didn’t work. I think it’s the gel polish. Next time, I will try it with regular polish – just like I did with the stamper. The stamper turned out so awesome with the regular polish but you have to move at lightning speed or else the polish dries and doesn’t transfer. Which is why I love the gel polish – you can take your sweet time and it’s not going to dry. Maybe if I do the base coats in gel polish, then add the design with regular polish, and THEN add the top coat in gel polish it will work better?! Hmmmss….experiments will need to happen.

So yes, tried the vinyls, didn’t work. I tried the stamper, didn’t work. It came out all blah and just looked like a hot mess. Then the gems. Oh, sweet baby Jesus the gems. I’m so glad that I turned off my camera for most of that because I was *this close* to dropping some PG-13 rated swears. But in the end, I did end up with cute nails. There is a white gem in the middle which I guess is supposed to be a bow but it does just look like two blobs stuck together, and then a dark reddish purple gem on either side. I wish they were a little more centred on the curve of my nail – but we can’t have everything now, can we? I did get the other accent nail done as well, after lots of huffing and puffing and frustration. Then I lost a coloured gem sometime over the two hours that followed. I waited until I had finished washing up after dinner and had my shower before trying to put a new gem on. Thankfully, all gems have stayed since then. Even after washing 4 sinks full of dishes at work on Saturday.

Needless the say, I am super happy with the end result. I feel all fancy and shimmery with the gems.

My next design will be rainbow nails – suggested by Bone&Silver

If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see me do on my nails, just let me know. New designs happen about once every three weeks so be patient, I will get to your designs!

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