Full House

There are too many people around! 

The students are back and I’m feeling the horrors of living in the guest house. I am definitely missing my old place, where I didn’t have to share my space with anyone else. It will be an adjustment for a little while, and I hope that I can deal with that.

Over the last week, we have had 8 students arrive. 4 here in the guest house, and 4 in the other house. The ones here at the guest house are all first timers at this home stay. New rules, a new way of living, especially since over the summer there have only been adults here.

Apparently the other night there was a boy in a bedroom. Now, I know, for us adults that’s like “um yeah ok whatever”, but when the boy is almost 15 and the girl is 17, and apparently the girl’s pants were in the bathroom so she was only wearing leggings, then it’s a problem. The guest house is usually just girls, and there is a long hallway off the kitchen where we all sleep. No boys are allowed through that door. I can’t even have my boy over. Like if we wanted to sit in the kitchen that would be cool, but it would be like a “save space for Jesus” type of deal, most likely with a pillow between us *flash back to youth camp and random yellings of “hand check!” where all couples had to raise their hands in the air*. I’m glad he owns his own house…

We have a boy living here this year, but his room isn’t in this hallway, it’s down the stairs and by the front door. It’s nice that all the students are getting along, though. Making friends with each other is crucial for adjusting and having a good year I think.

But then this morning, while I was in my room, I heard a boy’s voice. I didn’t know if it was back in the bedroom area or just in the kitchen. Voices travel here. So I take my water cup and saunter on out to see what’s up. And there he was – that 14 year old (K that I’ve mentioned before), standing in the doorway to one of the bedrooms. I was behind him so I just put my hands on his shoulders and walked him out into the kitchen and told him again that no boys are allowed past the door. It was no big deal until the support worker started like shrieking for me from her room! Like if you hear me out there talking why are you shrieking for me?! Yes, I took him out. Yes, I told him he’s not allowed back there. Hakuna your tatas sister. It’s not the end of the world. These are new kids and they are just learning the rules.

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