FIFA Soccer

So we all know that I’m not a huge soccer fan. 

I go to soccer games because my kidlets are in soccer and because the family that I nanny for is a soccer family. Soccer and track – and anything where team Jamaica is competing.

Last night, we all went to the FIFA soccer game between team Canada and team Jamaica. I’m not sure how much these tickets cost or how they got the tickets, but they had 16 of them. That’s right folks sixteen tickets. Some were in the accessible section, and then some high up in the bleachers. But they were still great seats! Right at centre field and you could even still see the names on the players’ jerseys.

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We drove instead of taking public transit, which I guess was good. It’s more comfortable for the kids. But going there, we got stuck in traffic. It was at the CNE, which you will remember was my awesome second date with the new boy, and while we were up at the top of the ferris wheel, he pointed out a windmill and said he worked right beside it. So while we were stuck in traffic, we were literally right beside it. So I sent him a text, knowing he was at work and told him where I was. Then we inched forward and I saw some lion statues and told him again, which he replied “hop the fence and go into the doors there, I’ll make you a drink” (he’s a bartender guys). So I was right there. Right. Freaking. There! A few hundred feet from him but still so far away!

We parked across the road and literally walked right passed the front doors to the boys work, and I couldn’t go in and see him. Which sucked but it was also kind of cool because now I know where he works…at least for the next few weeks because he got a new, better job at a hotel downtown.

While walking through the crowds at the CNE to the soccer field in the middle, we stopped a few times for the kids to enjoy some things. I touched a turtle at the reptile show, and the kids got to go on a ride. We were almost at the arena when I over heard this gem of a conversation:

Girl1: but like…when am i going to find my one true love?!
Girl2: tomorrow bae! Literally tomorrow.

I hope she found her one true love today. I really do.

Getting back to the game, I was really impressed with it! Like it’s not hockey or anything, but it was entertaining! It was freezing and I did steal the blanket that 4th brought (don’t worry she was sharing a blanket with all 3 of her siblings so she was quite warm!) but I enjoyed myself!

The Jamaica players were definitely being betters sportsmen – stopping to make sure players were ok. When someone fell on the field, they doubled back to help them up or to check on them. One Canada player actually got kicked in the face. Like how high is this Jamaican jumping that he’s kicking a grown man in the face?! I did find it kind of cute though when a Canadian player was down with the medics on the field and a few of the Jamaican players helped themselves to the water bottles in the medic’s kit haha. They didn’t want to walk over to their bench for a drink.

The one part which was super exciting was when a Canadian and Jamaican player seemed to take a tumble over each other. You know how it goes, both going for the ball at the same time and their legs get all jumbled up together and they both fall down. Well, that seems to be normal in soccer – except for when the Jamaican rolled over and then grabbed his face in pain because apparently, the Canadian had kicked him in the face! With soccer cleats on!! He was thrown from the game and he walked back to his bench with his jersey pulled up over his face while the crowd booed him a little bit.

After the game ended (Canada winning 2-0), we headed back towards the car. We stopped and the kids got to go on one more ride, and we got cotton candy. 4th and I took a cotton candy selfie and sent it to the boy, trying to coax him to leave work, but that didn’t happen. 4th did yell good night in the general direction of the front doors to his work as we walked by (well I walked, she was getting a piggy back ride). Then whispered in my ear “good night boy! Hope you break up with your girlfriend and marry T and have 12 babies.” She has big plans for our lives…

We literally spent an hour trying to get out of the parking lot and didn’t get home until after 12. I grabbed the fastest shower I have ever had and threw in my ear plugs. Miraculously, they were still in this morning and I over slept my alarm by an hour. That was fun! I’ve never done that before. So I had to rush around getting ready to leave in 50 minutes for church. With 15 minutes left to go, a new home stay student arrived with no warning. I had to let her in, call the other house, show her to her room and finish getting dressed for church (did I say I was still in my pjs?). I missed the regular bus I normally take but I still made it to church before the service started. After that, it’s been a pretty great day. And since the boy is working, it’s going to be an “order pizza and watch Netflix” afternoon.


8 thoughts on “FIFA Soccer

  1. Dear GigglingFattie,
       First of all, I like the name. Second of all, great content and i like how you mix up your content up. Especially this story or blog. It was interesting to read about and how you went to a soccer game with your friends and family members. I also liked how you told us about the guy who worked there and how you were hundreds of feet away from him. It sucked you could not see him but at least you got to go and enjoy a nice game of soccer.


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