Online Dating Saga: IX

Well I guess this is being posted today….accidentally hit the publish button haha

So I’ve been seeing someone for the last few weeks, and it’s been pretty great. He’s literally the first person I have ever met off an online dating site. We weren’t even talking for a week before we met up. But it feels like we’ve known each other forever. I’ve tried not writing about him because I don’t want to jinx it -it feels like every time I think I might be getting close to a guy, and then I mention it here, it crumbles into nothingness.

On my profile, after some disappointments, I make sure to mention 3 things: I’m a Christian and lead that life style, I have tattoos and I have alopecia. These have been the three things that have led to connections dying in the past. We met on a Wednesday for the first time, and on Friday I was at home and he was being silly and flirty over text but it got to the point where I had to say “I guess this is the good time to say I don’t have sexual relationships with guys” and then it just felt awkward (it always feels awkward after that conversation). He said that it wasn’t “a complete deal breaker” and the rest of the day I felt it was weird. He asked if there were any other deal breakers so I brought up the alopecia again, and he just glided right past it by saying that he guessed that it was a good time to tell me he was born with a tail. What a dork! He’s so dorky but it’s so adorable.

I was kind of filled with doubt for the whole weekend until I saw him on Sunday (when we went to the CNE) and everything was back to the way it was when we first met on Wednesday. He is an atheist but so far we haven’t had an issue with any of that. We talked about it and we’re ok with being different on that. So far at least. The only thing is that he’s never seen any Disney movies OR Harry Potter!! Like not even Toy Story! When I found out I literally pulled my hand from his and told him to take me home (in a joking way of course). But he’s a Star Trek fan and I am so clearly anything but a Star Trek fan, so I think that makes us equal.

Our first date was super cute. We went to the mall, had coffee, he pushed me into Swarovski after I said I loved their stuff and we saw a crystal baby hippo and it’s mama. I then proceeded to whisper how I wanted to steal them forgetting I wasn’t with someone who actually knew me. He forced me into a book store even after I said I didn’t need to go in and then he followed me around the store as I gasped at all the pretty books and journals. He says he almost left me in a record store over the Vulcan salute. I, of course, know it’s a Star Trek thing but I don’t know what it’s called. We spent the rest of the date sitting on the bench, with his arm around me just talking and people watching – it felt totally natural and comfortable. It was super sweet. He noticed my nails that I did a few days earlier (while texting him at the same time) and then even kissed my finger because he remembered I burnt it earlier in the week.

He’s a bartender and makes sure to say good night early because he knows I go to bed before he would. Especially when he has to work late. Sometimes he’s out until 3 or 4 in the morning.

Our second date was the CNE – I already posted about that, but didn’t tell you about how he’d randomly just stop walking, pull me in real close and get this super intense look on his face as our noses are like not even half an inch apart. It literally gives me butterflies.

Last night was our third date. We were supposed to go to the air show all day but that had to change since the air show is today. We then decided on a day at harbour front then had to change that again since he got a new job and had to do orientation. We went to a movie instead. He had to save me from the IT trailer twice so I’m glad he was there! The screening we went to was in VIP, so I got to sit in VIP for the first time! Our seats were like little recliner chairs, where you could pull up the arm rest and snuggle in for the movie. It was pretty great. After we just got some hot chocolate and it was such a great date.

We have decided that he’s just going to dump me and date my brother instead. They have much more in common. Like who hasn’t seen Disney movies?! OMG! haha!! And now that we’ve been out and he keeps making plans for a few months down the road, I have friends threatening his existence if he ever hurts me. He has told me that he will break up with me while watching a horror movie about clowns – at least a girl can be prepared haha!

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17 thoughts on “Online Dating Saga: IX

  1. Bahahaha how often does it eat? Lmfao! This was the cutest post EVER!!! I’m excited for you (no jinxing here)! Now my question is though- what on Earth website is this that matched a Christian to an atheist, a Disney lover to a DisNOPS, and a Star Trek fan to a Star Trek stranger?! Lmfaooo I am dying! This is PERFECT and girl opposites attract🤗 sending you all the positive vibes and butterflies in the world!

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    • HAHA it was okcupid. We were matched 75% when he first messaged and the more questions I answered the higher the number was. I think when I disabled my account we were at 83 or 87 or something.

      And it is the cutest thing!! Thanks for the vibes and butterflies💛

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