Hello September!

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I can not believe that it is September already!! It has been quite a crazy year for me.

Last September, I had returned from my holidays and was hating my teaching job in Korea more and more each day. I didn’t know then that I would be leaving the country in less than two months as an act of defiance against my former boss, but I’m actually kind of glad that I was pushed to take that action.

That led me to come home 6 weeks earlier than planned, and after being home only five short days, my recruiter had set up a skype interview for the job I have now. I’ve been here for 9 amazing months and I’m so happy that I’ve been blessed with such a great job.

September is always one of my favourite months. It signals the changing of the seasons, the changing of life for those in school, and most often, a changing of my own personal attitude towards life. I spend most of the summer hating the heat and the sunshine, and when September comes, I get to enjoy the sun but also the cool breezes and fall colours.

I’m excited for what September is going to bring for me this year! The kids go back to school on Tuesday, and our routine will change up once more. Back to homework and after school lessons and practices.

If you’re reading from Canada – enjoy your long weekend guys!

Happy September!! Bring on the long pants, boots, and sweaters!

14 thoughts on “Hello September!

  1. It’s definitely interesting to reflect on where we were at this point years ago. That’s so great that you pushed yourself to make the change and you’re in a much better place now.

    Last year I was an inpatient in the hospital recovering from pancreatitis on a no foods/liquids diet. I wanted to scratch that IV out of my arm haha and looking up ways to escape the hospital.

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  2. Fall and winter are my FAVORITE SEASONS because of the clothes I get to wear. Jeans, sweaters, boots, coats, scarves. Even though our winter is quite mild compared to Canada,I love to dress with scarves and a sweater. ❤
    The only thing I dislike is the cold, dry, sharp air that cuts into my nose when I'm trying to sleep. That's where my steam/humidifier comes into play. Bring on the chill!

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