Short on Words

I’ve been a little absent lately. I know. 

I’m not exactly sure why. I know I have something that I want to share with you, but I’m holding off on it. Maybe after this weekend, I can write up a proper post. I have a draft already set up that I keep adding to and changing up and stuff. But haven’t been able to hit publish. But that doesn’t mean I can’t share other things with you.

Other than that, I have been spending a lot of my time on this baby blanket!! It’s almost done! I just have to add the border and then I can post a picture of it all completed. It’s so cute you guys! I hope my friend likes it. It’s the first thing I have ever crocheted (that word looks so weird), and I learned just for this blanket. I figured out how to connect the squares all by myself to make rows, and then connected all the rows together. I’m so happy it’s almost done and it hasn’t taken me a lot of time either! So much faster than knitting.

Sorry for the lack of words. Perhaps the following conversation with 3rd will help to lighten the mood. K is a new Asian home stay student who just arrived from China. He is almost 15. 3rd and K have become fast friends.

*in the van with 3rd, K and C (a former home stay student who is starting university next week)*

3rd: K starts high school soon! He skipped grade 9 since he’s so smart. He needs to prepare for school and friends and bullies.

Me: 3rd, why does K have to prepare for bullies?

3rd: Because it’s school.

Me: I don’t think I had any bullies in high school……yeah I’m pretty sure I didn’t.

3rd: That’s because you’re all sunshine and lollipops, T! You’re not normal.

*everyone laughing*

Me: YASSS!!! *starts singing while driving* Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, everything that’s wonderful –

3rd: NOOOOOOO! See what I mean?! STOP SINGING!

I love my kids!


9 thoughts on “Short on Words

  1. I sure do get the not posting thing for a while. My last one sat in my drafts for weeks, adding bits and bobs to it before I felt I could publish it. Also, cannot wait to see this baby blanket! The best I can do at crocheting is making a mile long chain, lmao.

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    • The post I was working on was the one that went up Saturday morning. I kept adding to it little cutesie things about this new guy but didn’t want to actually publish it…just in case ya know? lol and then I added a little something from our date on Friday night and instead of hitting “save” I hit “publish” so I had to go back and quickly edit all my half sentences and make a polished piece lol.

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