ODS (online dating saga): VIII

Yesterday, I went to the CNE and I was basically a 5-year old. 

So it all started in the “farm building”. Inside the farm building, there were so many cute animals I almost died. Again, let’s picture Anges from Descipable Me shouting “it’s so fluffy I could die!”…because I actually said that…like for reals ya’ll…out loud…

So to start off, there were alpacas you could pet. And then the rest of the animals had like a two-foot gap between the pen and an extra fence so you wouldn’t touch them (how rude!) but I did get lots of cute pictures. There were goats and baby goats, and cows and baby cows, and pigs and baby pigs, and llamas and baby llamas, and sheep and baby sheep, and horses and baby horses and miniature horses, and turkeys and chickens and omg omg O-M-G!! *hear that sound? It’s my brain exploding from just remembering the cuteness*

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Image may contain: dog and outdoor

three weeks old!! ITS ONLY THREE WEEKS OLD!


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I’m dying…I’m literally DYING

Then there was an arts and crafts building with tons of great things in it. Hand made jewellery, quilts, paintings, photographs, butter sculptures, sand sculptures, a gaming room.

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Image may contain: one or more people


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

yes…that is our prime minister holding pandas…made of butter…

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There was a vendor’s building with lots of crazy “as seen on tv” type deals. And an acrobat show and a “super dogs” show which I didn’t get to see because the 4:30 show was full.

Then, of course, the grounds were just beautiful!

Image may contain: people standing, plant, tree, flower, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

I saw a mini parade and street performers and walked around the carnival games and rides section after dark when it’s so pretty with all the lights.

And to finish off the night I went up on the Ferris wheel, because who doesn’t love a good Ferris wheel ride?! (ps: Google Chrome, why are you capitalizing Ferris in Ferris wheel? I don’t think it should be capitalized. Check yo’ self!)

Image may contain: sky, cloud, crowd and outdoor

Now I know ya’ll are wondering why this was labelled under the ODS (online dating saga for those new folks), well it’s because it was a date….a second date to be exact. He got free tickets from work which let us go as many times as we want while the CNE is open and it was a pretty awesome, 8 hours long second date. And even after pretend ending our date like 12 times because he has never seen any Disney movies and I know nothing about Star Trek and even after me almost dying from all the cuteness of the animals and dragging him to look at all the hand made jewellery and some vendor calling us married, there is still going to be a 3rd date.





21 thoughts on “ODS (online dating saga): VIII

    • LOL it is a pretty crazy thing. But the end results look really great. I had some pictures of smaller sculptures but they turned out really blurry so I deleted them. I was only using my phone camera instead of my Nikon. I knew if I brought my Nikon I’d basically be ignoring my date the whole time lol

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    • Lol i used to like all those rides too but idk how my hair will be able to stay on during them. Im scared of heights but love the ferris wheel. Plus its kind of super romantic…unless you are sharing the bucket with 3 other people, and one is clutching the center pole shes so scared….

      But I had a great date! Next one is Friday hehe!

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