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Let’s face it Giggling Followers, when you hear the word spam, you no longer imagine this blue tin of grossness, but annoying emails that we have to deal with, or just send to email hell via our trash folder.

Today, inspired by my darling HM over at Hot Mess Memoir (seriously ya’ll if I have to tell you to go and check her out again, she’s going to have to start paying me advertising fees – why haven’t you done this yet?! How can we be friends if you haven’t done this yet?), I am going to be sharing some of my crazy spam comments from the blog over the last month.

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Now I’m not even sure where to start with this one. It’s talking about worship songs and then switches into “daddy” mode and someone named Larry thrown in too. All on a post about my nail art tool giveaway. And then there was a follow-up to it.

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If you look at the next comment, it was on “New Things Brewing”, it’s my most popular post for spam comments. It was just after I took a little break from my blog and I was going to start up a few new features. It was literally a no-substance post. Just “hey I’m back, watch for this new thing”.

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Another one for the “new things brewing”

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Now, this next one confused me. The post was all about how my friend stood me up again and this commenter apparently thought that it was “beautiful” and then proceeded to link me to a page about friendship. I didn’t go there.

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So those are just some of the crazy spam comments that I get to read through on a daily basis haha.

Anyone have any super crazy ones to share?!


27 thoughts on “SPAM!

  1. I just checked my Spam folder, and oh my!! There are some good– do we say they’re good?!– ones in there! One calling Donald Trump a racist (which I mean, ok, you’re right), about four with Larry (I don’t know Larry), and one super creepy one about wanting to post my work on a sex website! WTF?!?!?! (Hope that last line doesn’t throw ME in the spam folder!!)

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  2. OMG!!! THESE ARE WORST THEN MINE!!! I’m jealous!!! All I’ve gotta say is that first spammer has daddy issues. Second, thank you for the shout out! You are amazing and I really am gonna have to start paying you. Now, since my children bleed me dry of any and all money, I can pay you in Pokemon cards, fidget spinners or rice crispie treats. Pick your poison friend! I’m stumbling this too btw.

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