Movie Theatre Antics

Ok, so I have a really important question: 

What exactly is the deal with people clapping and/or shouting at the movie theatres?

I was watching the newly released Thor trailer, and the version I was watching was so obviously filmed in a theatre illegally. But it was on youtube and it was just the trailer. And through the whole thing, people were clapping when characters appeared on the screen (like I too thoroughly enjoy Chris Hemsworth’s body but I’m not about to applaud it while sitting in a dark theatre), where shouting “YESS! WoooHOO!!” like they were at a hockey game and the announcer was introducing the starting line-up.

What?! Like these are grown adults.

Is there something that I’m missing here? Like really? Is this a thing? I find it so annoying when people do that. This is why I don’t go to watch a movie on opening night because people do this and I will probably throw popcorn at them.

Today is 3rd’s birthday (he’s turning 10!), and it’s a movie party. I’m not sure if I’m going or not, but if I do, there best not be any sort of these shenanigans from the kidlets (or adults) there. *shakes head*

16 thoughts on “Movie Theatre Antics

  1. At one of the theaters in my town, there’s this long, homegrown, pre-movie introduction that attempts to be like one of those virtual reality “rides” at a theme park. You’re supposed to feel like you’re in this little roller-coaster car zooming past popping popcorn kernels and looping around soda straws. People will actually put their hands in the air and lean with the tilting of the roller-coaster car. I’m honestly embarrassed for them.


  2. In junior high we would get to see a movie on the last day of school before Christmas- all of us grade sevens (or whatever grade) in their own theatre. Part of that tradition was to clap and cheer, but we were weirdo thirteen year olds that knew it was just on that day, and really only because it was just us in the theatre. Do regular people not know that actors/directors/makers cannot hear them?!

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  3. I totally clapped for the Star Wars trailer. I am a total geek. I probably wouldn’t have clapped by myself, but I was with my kid who was ecstatic and that excitement definitely rubs off!

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  5. When I saw a movie recently, people clapped after it ended. I felt like saying, “IT WASN’T A LIVE SHOW!” But I guess I should just let people have their fun and appreciate their enthusiasm.


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