Nail Art Sunday: Stamp Designs

AH!! The day has finally arrived you guys! 

My contest is over and I was finally able to try out my new stamper set! It was great! Such an exciting day.

First of all, let me just send a HUGE shout-out to all those who participated in my contest either by entering suggestions for my nail art design or by promoting the contest on their twitter, Pinterest, facebook etc.

I started my routine by doing my regular nail care. For those of you who are new and don’t know my regular routine. Check out this video or this post.

Then I selected my winner! And that was *drum roll please!* An Historian About Town!  She made a great selection (as did all of you lovelies who entered) and she is now the proud winner of a full set of dotting tools and a set of brushes to help her create her own awesome nail designs at home.

The design went really well. Check out my video to see how I did it and for the final results. Once I left my table, the design isn’t too noticeable in regular light (at my desk I had a lamp shining on my nails while doing the design) but I still love it! I can’t wait to try out more of the designs!

4 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Stamp Designs

  1. Okay, this is absolutely FASCINATING to watch!! I have so many questions!! Do “no light” gels like Essie’s collection work?? And how do you make sure that your polish doesn’t touch the cuticle?? I always get mine on my cuticle and skin and then it looks all wonky/like it was done like a four year old 😦 Are there any tips or tricks?? And thank you for picking me!!!!!! I’ve never won anything!!

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    • Great questions! Yes it totally will work with regular polishes. Patience and a clean up brush to keep it off the cuticle (or liquid latex but I’ve never used that) maybe next time I will do a regular polish design? I like gel since it lasts so long and once it comes out of the light it is dry and you cant smush it.
      And you are more than welcome!! I got your contact email so I will get your package in the mail after work tomorrow 😉


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