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Giggling Followers, I have kept something from you. Which is uncommon for me, I know. I overshare, but isn’t that part of what makes this blog so great?

So if we take a little trip down memory lane, we all know that I thought that I had PCOS. Basically, the doctor I had when I was a teenager told me I did, and her being a doctor, and me being 17, I believed her.

As I grew older, I started to really accept that fact. I had two of the three major signs: female localized alopecia (aka I’ve lost 25% of my hair, all from the very top of my head), and hair growth patterns on my shoulders/chest/face. No biggie, at least I’m not dying, right? I can wear a wig (Doris rocks my socks) and I can shave my face. Whatever.

But I have always hated my shoulders. I used to love wearing little summer dresses and short sleeved shirts (or no sleeved shirts) but once I turned around 22ish, the hair growth really started to happen on my shoulders and I was really embarrassed about it.

Then, I found out that I don’t have PCOS. My current doctor actually did tests to confirm and they all came back negative and he’s like “why did you even think you had this?” and I was like “cos my old doctor was a quack and she said so.” He just shook his head and we moved on agreeing that she was terrible.

So now, I have the hair loss and the hair growth that sucks (body – get it together girl!). And I still hated my shoulders. I would try on SUPER adorable shirts that looked amaze-balls on me and I would put them back because they would have a cut out on the back of the shirt and I hated how I looked.

So I did something brave! Courageous!!! Some would even say I deserve a medal of valour for it – I booked a waxing appointment to deal with this crap.

That’s right!!!

For anyone who knows me, I am so low maintenance that I don’t even have a professional deal with my eyebrows. They are white and I can take care of them by myself. Why pay someone to hurt me? But I do have a pretty high pain threshold, I once dislocated my toe on vacation so that it was a 90 degree angle away from my body, walked  up the stairs that I just fell down to my bedroom and pushed it back into place – all without crying (way to go grade 11 T!)

But I had had enough with the shoulders. It’s summer and I want to be able to wear a respectable capped sleeved shirt to church without having to bring a light sweater to cover up what I hate about myself. And!! For another thing: I refuse to hate on myself! For anything!!

So I’m stopping. I got plucky (hehe) and I booked an appointment. For this morning. At 10.

I have avoided it for so long because I was scared of how much it would hurt.

Well, guess what! It didn’t hurt that much! Like yes, sure, it stung a little bit, and the hairs closer to the top of my shoulders/base of my neck hurt much more since they were super long, but whatever. 2 seconds and they were gone. Buh-bye self body-shaming! Hello, beautiful shoulders!

Now it’s an hour after I left the salon and there is just a mild tingling happening right at the top of my shoulders where those long hairs were. When I left, it felt like I had a really serious sunburn but now it’s ok…just a little heat still.

And the best part was that when I booked online, I chose an option that would include my shoulders, my upper arms and my back – which was $80. Whatever. Let’s do this!! I finished up my appointment and the girl changed the code since that wasn’t exactly what I got done, and after leaving a $10 tip, I only paid $43! What, what!?! She had me rebooked in for 4 weeks from now. And I left feeling auh-mazing! Like awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles and whipped cream and caramel drizzle.

Happy Friday my loves!


22 thoughts on “Body Waxing

  1. Good for you! 🙂

    BTW, I’ve had my eyebrows done and it didn’t hurt at all. I was shocked but it was nothing! And I had no redness or pain or anything afterward either. I was so nervous going into it the first time… now I like going… I just feel like I’m being pampered. 🙂

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  2. *golf clap* Good for you girlfriend! I recently booked an appointment with my dermatologist to remove something that I’ve always hated but somehow never had the balls to deal with… Well, so glad I did! Yes he burned the something-or-other off with a vibrating stick of pain, yes it was very painful (maybe I should mention that it hurt one more time?) but the thing I hated is now gone and I feel so proud of myself! Definitely caramel drizzle good LOL

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  3. That is awesome girly!! I have a similar situation with my upper lip 😦 I actually set a laser hair removal appointment for September. Being a girl is so much maintenance and if only guys understood some of the things we really go through to feel and look beautiful. Lol. Cheers to us!!

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  4. Good for you, girl! So, if not PCOS, what’s causing your symptoms? I ask, because I have the hair growth BS on my face. I also have the extra weight around my middle. AND, I’ve had to have a cyst on my Fallopian tube removed ☹️. Woman problems suck the big one 👎.

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