Three More Days!!

It’s been a week and a half in like 3 days…I’m about 1000% done with this week already.

So I’m having “a week”. You know the type of week where you just don’t have the motivation to do anything but somehow you’re constantly busy? That’s this week.

A little bit hectic and intense.

Bad News: Boys are big babies. Like SERIOUSLY! *omg, you whisper, is there a boy?!* Well there isn’t anymore! Gah. Seriously babies. He lasted all of 12 hours before having a melt down. I’m looking for an actual human man, not a toddler. I don’t know why I do this to myself. I should just join a convent and become married to Jesus. He’d understand.

Good news: I have all the granny squares for my baby blanket finished! WOOHOO, that’s all I’ve been doing all week. Now to just stitch all the squares together, but I have no idea how to do that so…yeah…youtube HELP ME!

Better news: blood pressure is resting at a B-E-A-utiful number. Let’s all take a second to thank Jesus for calming my heart despite cranky boys.

The BEST news: There are still THREE whole days left to enter my nail art contest. Just click right here and it will take you over to the page. There are only 3 entries so far so you still have a good chance of winning. And you can enter as many times as you want. If you don’t do your own nails often, maybe there is someone in your life who would use the tools? Don’t live in Canada or the US? Maybe you have a friend you could ship them to? Check it out!


9 thoughts on “Three More Days!!

    • I love youtube videos on nail design! They are the best. You can seriously enter as many times as you want haha. It’s so hard to just pick one thing. This is why I hate getting new shipments of colours and tools because I have no idea where to start or what design to do first haha

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  1. Fuck-boys are A THING these days. Keep it moving girl keep itttt-a-movin-along! What I’m really happy to hear is that your BP is looking sharp! Great news! I really need to get into the nail thing with you. My nails are well. Nonexistent. No time for them lol. I need to make the time! Sending happy-hippo vibes your way for the weekend! xoxo!

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    • Why did they become a *thing*? Like I don’t understand. Don’t worry, I’ve stopped talking to him. He hasn’t messaged since Wednesday night and I’m not going to message him. Ghosting at it’s best! lol

      And I am SOOOO happy about the BP. In the 126-133 range all week. It seriously must just be my smexy doctor that makes it go so high. Gah why does he have to be so cute?!

      Ya know – best way to get started on those nails is to enter my contest 😉 So many awesome designs can be done on short nails.

      And YAY!! Happy hippo vibes to you too!

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