Health Re-check

I want to thank you all for bearing with me as I had a little freak-out and melt down yesterday after my doctor’s appointment. 

I found a pretty awesome breathing yoga practice on my yoga app and have done it twice now. Once last night, and once this morning. I think I will continue to do it every morning since it is just a really great way to focus yourself and get ready for the day. Plus, I can get dressed and then do it and not be all sweaty and gross.

Half way through this practice this morning I decided I needed to go and check my blood pressure again. I was stressing out yesterday, plus my doctor is very attractive so I blame him for my high heart rate.

I had already had my morning coffee but decided that it would still be a good base read for a week of checking my blood pressure.

I took the bus up and walked at a leisurely pace to the pharmacy. I didn’t want to be walking at my normal pace which is rather quick. I got there and sat down at the machine. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself, hoping that since this was just one day, my over reacting brain would calm down and thus calm my heart.

In all honesty, my number yesterday was 170. YES! I KNOW! For those who don’t know, the average range is like 129-139. 140 is high and that’s when they start to consider medication for you. So I was at 170.

I sat down, did the test thingy 162. Still high, but not 170! I had just walked and I had coffee this morning.

I took a seat and text my brother. Telling him about these new headphones I was trying in my phone which are controlled by Satan. You plug them in, with the phone locked and then 5 minutes later when I go to put the buds into my ear, music is playing. I didn’t turn it on. If you touch and part of the cord, the volume shoots up or down, twist the connection point to get a better sound and the songs skip or go forward and backwards and forward and backwards. Controlled. By. Satan.

I took a 10-minute rest, redid the test. Just as the cuff was starting to inflate, I noticed it wasn’t on the right part of my arm. So the reading was 142. Not too bad for a 10-minute rest! Still high but a more acceptable number than 170! I readjusted the cuff and immediately did another test. 133!!!!


Right in the middle of the “average” range.

So my heart isn’t about to explode. I will continue to go back each day this week. Tomorrow without coffee. And make sure I rest before I take the test. I talked to the pharmacist working and he said that my last number is the most accurate and that I shouldn’t be worrying.

Much calmer today.


10 thoughts on “Health Re-check

  1. My mum has one of those at-home heart rate/blood pressure check things. Have you thought about buying one?

    Because mum has it, we are all constantly checking our blood pressure, and I find it changes A LOT! I wonder if yours would be even lower if you were at home without the stress of an upcoming blood pressure test?

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    • I actually did think about it, but if my resting “not stressed out because I’m at the doctor’s office and omg what if it’s still super high” rate is as low as it was this morning, it’s all good. I will see how the week goes with testing it up at the pharmacy. I’m just so happy that my resting rate was so low today.

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    • I’m glad it went down as well! I did a solid 30 minutes of deep breathing exercises this morning before going to check it. My nurse BFF says the resting number is a good number. I’ll skip the coffee tomorrow and see where it’s at.

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    • I’ve been checking it yesterday and today, and each time a different reading. Even where the cuff is on the arm makes a difference. Thankfully my BFF is a nurse and is so helpful when I freak out over the numbers haha


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