A horrible no good day

If someone could come and give me a hug right now, that would be great. 

Today started off so nice. I got up at my regular time, had a nice quiet breakfast, got ready for church, looked super cute since I actually did a decent job on my makeup, and I was off for the day.

Got to the bus stop right on time. Got to church on time. Was handed a flyer for a free BBQ on Friday at the church that my kidlets might be able to go to. Church service, good. Worship songs, good. Communion, good. ALL GOOD.

Then, I decided to go to my doctors.

You see, two weeks ago, on my second day back from my vacation, I slipped at work. There was a wet spot on the kitchen floor, I was walking too quickly and in my bare feet and my left foot went sideways and slid under me and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor, stunned and a little confused.

I put an ice-pack on the side of my foot for about 30 minutes because it was tender from the fall. But then didn’t really think of it too much after that, until Monday that is. On Monday I was doing some yoga, and while in a forward easy bend I noticed the bone on my left pinky toe was sticking out a little bit. I have broken and dislocated this toe before (two years apart but still) so I kind of felt it a little and it popped in and out of the socket a little bit! This kind of freaked me out. The toe is generally a little weird because I have damaged it twice before, but this was super weird.

I decided to just watch it a little and this morning I thought I should get it checked out. My doctor is literally a five-minute walk from my church, and my doctor accepts walk-ins all the time, and he is there on Sundays. Perfection!

Last time I was there, I was a little late for my appointment so it was like I speed-walked down the road. I arrived a little out of the breath which caused my blood pressure to be super duper high. I made a mental note and today I took the bus. My doctor’s office is literally the next bus stop after my church so I felt super lazy for doing it. I stopped in at a breakfast/lunch place to have some lunch and went to see my doctor.

He wasn’t busy at all, and I was able to go straight into a room. He came in and looked at my toe, it’s fine. The previous damage has just made the ligaments easier to damage. And since it’s my baby toe, there is nothing to be done really.

Now comes the horrible part.

Since my BP was so high last time, he wanted to check it again. Since I have lost about 10 more pounds since I saw him last AND I didn’t walk to the clinic, I was confident it would have been better this time but I had been stressing about it since I left church earlier. I jumped onto the table and held out my arm.

Not only did it not go down, it’s gone up TEN FREAKING POINTS!

So now instead of it being super duper high, it’s “omg his face totally dropped and he’s fidgeting” super duper high.

I don’t understand it! It’s never been even close to this before. So he said to watch it and to keep checking it and we’ll have to see about maybe treating it with medication. But I’m not having any chest pains or anything (which he expected from a number that high).

And now I’m freaking out. It’s so so so so so so so very high. So now I’m just…I don’t even know…


26 thoughts on “A horrible no good day

  1. You have total control friend. You can reverse this without having to depend on medication (unless you have a heart “condition”, so I cannot say because I obviously don’t know all of the facts!) but working in the vascular field for the last 5 years and other specialties for the last 8-9 years, I’ve seen patients reverse SO MANY conditions like diabetes, high BP, and high cholesterol by taking over and taking control and making changes. Sounds like you’re on the right track by losing weight! I’d say try to steer clear from meds if you can help it. 🙂 Rooting for your health, that’s always number 1!

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  2. I have a relative who lost 85 lbs, in part to get her BP under control and it never happened. She’s super healthy now in every other way, but her BP is still too high without medication. I know some people think medication is the worst thing on earth, but untreated high BP is not good. A few weeks before my son was born, my BP shot up (not uncommon). It didn’t go back to normal after he was born so I was put on medication immediately to avoid any complications. BP went down… they tried taking away the med and I’ve never had an issue since. BUT it is in my family history — dad, mom, grandma. I fully expect it to happen again at some point regardless of the healthy habits I try to stick to the best I can. And I will take medication if my doc recommends it.

    All this just to say that *if* you do need medication, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. And it’s better than the risks of untreated high BP.

    Sorry for rambling… my dad was a doctor… my mom a nurse… my sister also in a medical field. I have too much information for my own good in my head.

    ♥ Hugs!

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