Someone Send help!

I’m having a crisis!!

I don’t even know where to start this. I woke up this morning so happy since it’s a semi-holiday Monday here in Ontario and I have the day off to relax (after the weekend I’ve had [extra babysitting plus a work-family bbq AND new nail supplies] I seriously need a day to just lay in bed, eat pizza, and watch movies). I’m half way through my morning cup of coffee and I come across this Buzzfeed article:

25 Tweets that Sum Up How Everyone is feeling after Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s break up

Now I normally don’t get too involved in the love lives of celebrities. I did have a little freak out over Tom Hiddleston dating Taylor Swift, but I’m pretty sure theΒ entire world was like “umm what is happening?” over that one. It just wasn’t right! He should be with someone better like Emma Watson, or me….

But now this?! THIS!? Like what…I don’t know how to even START to process this. They were such an adorable couple.

I don’t know guys. Is it crazy that I’m this upset over it? I don’t know them personally (ps: how cool would that actually be?! I’m just going to offer up my nanny skills to them anyways…) but still, I am totally shook.

Glad I have a day full of pizza eating, bed laying, and Netflix watching already planned.


16 thoughts on “Someone Send help!

  1. Here’s the funny part… well, funny to me anyway. I read this and then I asked my son about it (not the breakup part)… and he said… Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) is not an Avenger! He’s a Guardian of the Galaxy! LOL. He is serious about his Marvel knowledge. (And DC and Star Wars, too.)

    Anyway… yeah, this is sad. They did seem like nice people… happy together. But who knows what happens in private. Oh… and I also recommend you watch Parks & Rec if you haven’t seen it. Hilarious… especially ‘Ron Swanson’ (Nick Offerman)… He totally makes the show.

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  2. It’s like the Meg Ryan/Dennis Quaid thing all over again – my mom has told me of this for years. You think they’re perfect together and the next thing you know BAM! DIVORCE! I felt the same way about Miranda/Blake but that wasn’t an amicable split. I still blame Blake.

    But when I saw the tweets Monday morning I started crying… Way out of left field here! It’s like, what happened? She’s been so supportive and now? Is it a case of jealousy that his career is doing better than his? It’s happened before. But ugh, processing this hurts!

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    • It definitely was out of left field. And you’re right they did seem so supportive. I saw a tweet along the lines of “it doesnt affect me but I still feel like the child thinking it was all my fault” – as human beings we get emotionally attached to the weirdest things lol


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