The creative adult

is the child who survived.

Do we agree, or not?

I came across this little nugget right as I opened my web browser. I use chrome and I love it. I installed an add-on called “Momentum”. This gives me a beautiful picture every time I open a new window or new tab and then a quote for the day. It’s pretty awesome. Most of the time I admire the picture for half a second until I start to type in a website to redirect to, and then just skim over the quote. But for some reason, this one struck me.

Do you think that’s true?

I consider myself to be a relatively creative person. I love to write and read and make crafts and cross stitch and knit and crochet and take photographs and then edit them. So does that mean that I have survived the transition into adulthood?

4th always likes to tell me I’m a child – and I fully agree. I am definitely a child at heart, and for a 7-year-old to pick up on that and actually confirm it, well now that just makes my heart smile. If she’s going to tell me some crazy story about a tiger which ate her legs and I’m her jungle exploration buddy and I need to hold open the jaws of the tiger while she dives in and saves her legs and then I have to sew them back on, all while jumping on the trampoline – you bet your pretty little bonnet that I am going to be fake struggling with the jaws of a tiger while rolling around on the trampoline surface. 

So maybe I did survive it? But what exactly was there to survive? The “growing up” process? The shift from whimsy and imagination into adulthood where it’s frowned upon to want a little bit of magic in your life and to see the world as this wonderful enchanted place?

Am I making any sense here? Thoughts?

The creative adult is the child who survived ~ Ursula K. Le Guin


6 thoughts on “The creative adult

  1. Yeah that kind of makes sense. I feel like creativity often gets stifled by criticism and negativity, so the idea of an adult being able to express themselves is compared to a child being able to survive their own crises. I like it.

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    • Oh yes me too!! When ever I have to “adult” 4th is like “ugh you’re talking like an adult again” lol but sometimes it just has to happen…or she’s going to eat 12 packs of fruit gummy snacks 10 minutes before dinner lol

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