First Day Back

Was pretty great. 

I was a little apprehensive about my first day back after having two weeks off. But it actually went much better than I had expected.

I got to work and the new puppy greeted me at the door. I guess he’s not really “new” anymore. The family has had him since the middle of March. But he’s still a puppy in the sense that he piddles whenever someone greets him. But not yesterday! Dry floors all day long!

I heard the sounds of children’s’ voices (isn’t that the best sound in the whole world?) and went down to the basement to say hi to the kidlets. Only 1st and 2nd were home. A pretty good welcome from them considering they are *too cool for nanny*. 3rd and 4th were at day camp.

Then I got hit – hard. By the 50 pound full grown poodle who loves me. Before I knew it, I had paws on my shoulders and a wet nose on my cheek. He followed me around for a solid 5-minutes trying to jump on my shoulders and nuzzling into my legs. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

I did my normal routine, nothing too drastic. Although, I did find random pieces of clothing in dressers where they didn’t belong, and eventually ended up taking out every piece of clothing from 2nd and 4th’s dressers and refolding it all.

5:30 rolls around and 3rd and 4th get home. I was super excited for 4th because she’s the youngest and the one who is always the most excited to see me – usually toppling me over with gigantic hugs. I say hello in my bubbliest voice as she comes down the stairs into the kitchen.

I get a “….hi…” in return. Where oh where is my energetic little bunny?! I’m in the middle of talking to her by the front door when I get the best noise – “GIGGLING FATTIE!!!!” my real name was screamed don’t worry, as 3rd ran in from the front yard and playing with the dogs. He was so excited to see me!! And ya know what, for someone who won’t even let me touch the top of his shoulder to guide him away from walking into a tree while he’s using an iPad and not paying attention to where he is going, he almost hugged me. If he had been 8 turning 9, and not 9 turning 10, I probably would have gotten that hug – the one I thought was going to come from 4th but didn’t. That was literally the best part of my day: having 3rd so excited for me to be there.

Getting 4th ready for soccer, I received an explanation as to why I didn’t get my hug. Her dad had said that I would be back last week, so she took the whole week away from day camp for me. So she used her excitement last week instead of this week. I guess that’s ok.

Even better, I have my whole room unpacked and set up. Didn’t have to use the one dresser at all!!

Pictures maybe tomorrow? Find your passwords peeps because it most likely will be a Giggling Follower’s post.


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