The Longest Shortest Sleep

Have you ever had one of those sleeps where it was too short but also too long at the same time? 

I had one last night.

Yesterday was my travel day again. So I was coming back from holidays and finally moving into my permanent room at work. I got an email from my boss asking what time I was going to arrive on Monday, but I was already half way back at that point. I started freaking out thinking I wouldn’t have a bed for the night, but she just wanted to have her cleaning lady come in and clean it. And she did – at 9 pm. Thankfully she arrived around a quarter to 9 and started cleaning early. I took a book and got out of her way. I just thought it was going to be a quick little clean since a Japanese student was in my room for the last two weeks but nope – it took her almost 2 hours and she cleaned everything. At first, I was a little meh about having her start so late but honestly, now I’m so happy. The furniture was moved, the whole room cleaned, and now it’s my responsibility to keep it up. Starting fresh!

So by the time I got showered and into bed, I was exhausted. Like falling asleep rinsing out my shampoo, exhausted. You’d think that I would be able to fall asleep then? No, of course not!

I laid in bed and tossed and turned for what seemed like a thousand years. When I did sleep, it felt like short bursts of nothingness. I would wake up thinking that I had slept past my alarm, only to focus some more on the strange noises in my new room. I felt like I hadn’t slept at all, but had slept too much/too late.

Do you ever get that feeling? Where you wake up feeling like you’ve slept for HOURS only to realise it’s been like 30 minutes?

That was my whole night last night.

Work should be interesting today. And I still have to unpack all my stuff…anyone want to volunteer for that job? I have about a thousand cabinets and drawers to use which I am so excited for!! WOOHOO! I’m hoping to maybe not even have to use the dresser. I hate dressers! Anyone else hate dressers? With the folding of the clothes and not being able to see things and having to disrupt all the folded clothes just to get one thing from the bottom.

And now I’m rambling…


10 thoughts on “The Longest Shortest Sleep

  1. I had plenty of those kind of sleep. My sister said maybe because of thinking too much before going to sleep or maybe I’m excited to wake up for the next day lol. Oh I hate unpacking! Good luck with that. 😆

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