Just a little

Something for you guys. 

How this little cutie

Image result for childhood ralph fiennes

Image result for childhood ralph fiennes

grew into this gorgeous man

Image result for ralph fiennes

Image result for ralph fiennes

Image result for ralph fiennes

That’s all! Happy Sunday!

*all images provided via google/pinterest*



15 thoughts on “Just a little

    • Both great movies. Ralph’s my favourite actor – the first I ever saw him was in Onegin, which is still one of my most watched movies. He seems to do small parts lately I think. I forced myself to watch an entire James Bond movie (cruel and unusual punishment for me) and he was only in the last 5ish minutes. I was so angry at the wasted time lol


      • It’s funny, I don’t think he cared for it when he started to get really famous back when. Then started doing the smaller stuff. You know…I have only seen one Bond movie in my life because I feel the exact same way. It was Skyfall…and it was pretty damn amazing actually but since I’m sure it was a fluke I’m in no hurry for more! 😂😂😂

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        • Yeah he does seem to avoid the spotlight. But he’s just so talented that sucks. And Gah to Bond movies. My mom and brother LOVED them growing up. But the only one I’ve actually watched and enjoyed was Golden Eye. And really only because the one guy gets covered in liquid ice right after he shouts “I AM INVINCIBLE!” lol

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          • Dustin Hoffman was like that too. He just stayed out of the light with his family and started taking bit parts. And he’s amazing too so that’s a loss like Fiennes.

            Well he probably *was* invincible before Nitrogen came to town. I actually love Robocop for the same reason, when that asshole cop gets dumped with acid and basically starts to liquify all over the place and his buddy goes, “GET AWAY FROM MEEE, MANNN!”…..A hilarious death indeed.

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