Are you a good actor/actress? 

Apparently, I am.

I had a pretty great day-date with the work-wife the other day and we got to talking. Before I get into that, let’s refresh:

This is a girl I worked with at Tim’s here. We became fast friends and then eventually labelled ourselves married. And thus we have stayed. She had been best friends with Magoo since high school. And while working for 2 years at Tim’s, I was in love with Magoo. All caught up? Great.

So I happened to mention to the wife that I had been in love with Magoo. And she was like “OMG REALLY?! I had no idea!” We got talking about it and she honestly had no idea. Although, she thinks we would have been super cute together (I totally agree). She just thought that I was being nice and talking to him. I told her I was, but it was because I was in love with him. Everyone thought we were dating, and those who didn’t think so knew that I was mad, head over heels, in love with this guy. Well, I guess it’s infatuation, hence his name.

I haven’t seen him since I returned from Korea. I have him on Facebook (he posted a new profile pic of him and his girlfriend this morning) but have recently unfollowed him on Instagram. Like I’m over him romantically (I think…) but friendship wise, I’ve been over it for a long time. Not a single word from him since last July except to be tagged in an Instagram post when he got the birthday card I sent him.

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