Again with the Pinterest

I’m having a lazy day today…like I brushed my teeth and that’s all you can expect from me for the next 24 hours. The best part of alopecia: don’t have to brush my hair! 

Having a conversation about the next Avenger’s movie with my brother because I don’t understand how Groot and Bucky and Captain America and Spiderman can all be in the same movie. Like I just don’t get it. Don’t pull that “oooo multi-universe” poop on me! It makes no sense! Groot and Bucky can not be friends. Plus Bucky is frozen in ice. And what’s with all the references to Bucky and Plums?!

But Pinterest gave me this adorableness this morning.

(swipe to see part 2) Avengers Infinity War On set. . . . By Mintmint doodles. Based on this tumblr post by howlingdawn:

You’re welcome! Don’t make cartoon baby Tom Hiddleston cry you monsters!!

11 thoughts on “Again with the Pinterest

  1. Oh the plums thing started because of the scene where we first meet Bucky in Civil War. he’s just buying plums all chilly calm and then BAM he notices a guy staring and sees the paper about the bombing at the Sokovia Accords signing… So it’s like “He was being a good Bucky and buy plums and Zimo just ruined everything!” kinda thing.

    And the cartoon is seriously my fave.

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