My friends suck

Like for reals, guys. 

Now, I’m not talking about you folks – the lovely amazing people reading these words. Ya’ll are the bee’s knees. Don’t you DARE doubt yourself boo!

Image result for royalty free images the bees knees

I’m talking about my “in real life” friends. Yes, you guys are real too, but like the people I’ve met face to face, who have my phone number and know exactly where I live (and if that’s any of you, well I think we have a little “invasion of privacy” issue going on and we should have a little chat about that).

So we all know I’m visiting my parents for two weeks. I’m down to my last few days: 4 to be exact if we count all of today and not Sunday since that’s the day I go back to Toronto. So that means I’ve been here for eleven days. ELEVEN! And how many friends have I seen? One. Well, I guess you could say two since she brought another acquaintance with her when we went to the drive-in.

I had plans last night to meet a friend for a hot beverage (or cold depending on the weather). I double checked with her in the middle of the afternoon (I’ve been stood up before), and she said we were still on. All was good. So I get my cute pink lacey shoes on and walk myself down to Tim’s. Literally, the only place to meet up with people in this tiny little town. I got there early because I know that I will spend at least 10 minutes talking to the people working there since I know most of them. Plus a few more minutes shooting the breeze with some of the regular customers. I’m practically famous in these here parts.


Image result for royalty free images blah blah blah

literally me talking about my job to anyone who asks


So I get there, do my chatterboxing, and sit down with a nice hot cup and start to read my book. I have about 30 minutes before my friend is supposed to arrive. I check the time and she’s 10 minutes late. No biggie. She has an 18-month-old so I gets it. Things happen. 30 minutes late, I start to get a little bit annoyed. I grab a snack and a new drink since I’ve been there for an hour already. 40 minutes late, I send a text – a crying face and the song lyrics “alllll by myyyyyself”

Immediately I get a reply. So it’s not like she lost her phone or was far away from it. It was instant! Like oatmeal!

Image result for royalty free images instant oatmeal

The baby is fussing, cutting 3 new teeth, and won’t settle down.

Now I’m not an unreasonable person. If she would have sent me a text at any point during those 40 minutes explaining that the babe was throwing down like a demon near holy water, I would have been fine. But it’s the fact that I was sitting there with no word for the whole time and she instantly replied to my text.

We have rescheduled for Friday, same time, same place. Her husband doesn’t work that night so at least there will be backup if the baby is still a cranky panda over her new pearly whites. This is why I bring a book with me. At least the first time she stood me up, back in May, I was still talking to him – I went to my car and called and we talked instead.

Now the other friend – the work wife. I’ve been texting her since last Saturday.

Let’s do something!

Yes!! Let’s!

When are you free?


This has happened twice now. She needs to check her work schedule. Ok. Again, no biggie, just don’t leave me hanging! This morning she finally texts “hey what are you doing today?” She wants to go get sushi and return a video game she bought (yeah my wife is a kind of a video game geek). So I go “today?” since she asked what my plans were for today.

“oh yeah, sure we can go today.” I’m sorry was that not your intention when you asked what my plans were for today?

So we’re going this afternoon.

I’m almost over it guys. Almost. These peeps are my friends but they are just testing my patience. I have a lot of it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s mostly reserved for the kidlets at work. I have almost no patience for adults.

35 thoughts on “My friends suck

  1. Why I don’t have friends. Little things like this drive me crazy. Like, I’m a big girl. Tell me no and I will be just fine. Don’t string me along like I’m a child!! Sorry your friends are stupid (for lack of a better word).

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    • Yes exactly! And I have this thing about being courteous. It’s something that I’ve found to be lost in a lot of people these days and it drives me insane. Reply to texts, answer your emails. It doesn’t take that much effort.

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  2. Well, that sucks you waited for that long but she has reasons though, she should’ve just gave you call or text ahead of time. This happens to me too quite often, I just try to understand them because I don’t want to be petty or anything but sometimes it’s quite annoying.

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  3. I’ll say it again… I avoid this stuff by having no (offline) friends. I do wish I had, like, one.

    I wouldn’t have waited as long as you did for anyone. By about 15 minutes late, I would have texted and said I was giving her 5 more minutes and then I was going home! But you’re a lot nicer than I am… 🙂

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  4. I was all ready to defend them, but you’re right. I absolutely hate it when people don’t tell you they cannot come. I find it to be rude. It’s happened to me several times before, the most recent like two months ago :-/

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  5. That is so rude! It’s a lack of respect for your time. She’s telling you hers is more valuable than yours. Don’t be afraid to pull the plug on “friendships” that no longer serve you. Glad you had a book with you.

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  6. I totally get this. I sometimes feel like my friends don’t think about me as their friend. All in my insecure head but when I don’t hear from you or I feel like I am the only one reaching out my mind wonders….

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    • Yeah same here. I have a post idea half started on my phone about that idea that in every group of friends there is always that one who could just disappear and no one would notice? I feel like that person a lot if I’m in a friend group of 3 or more. I might make a post about it in the near-ish future lol


      • I had started a similar idea post but I’m afraid to publish it. I don’t want to piss anyone off. They sometimes read this blog. I might do a private area thing for my most feared to talk about topics.

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        • That’s what I had to do and why I started my “Giggling Followers” section when I was in Korea. I wanted to trash talk my current boss without him finding out lol I knew my co-worker read my blog and she brought it up from time to time so I knew I had to be careful. Now I don’t really use it. But it’s a great thing to have set up just in case I need to just vent without consequences.


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