Pinterest thinks I have interests….

Interests outside of nail art and little old lady yarn crafts…

I am doing my routine Pinterest perusal this morning and came across the following picture. Like sure, I guess it can be placed into my “giggles everyday” board but can it really? Why does Pinterest think that I would be interested in this?

this is great

Also – I know I’ve saved lots of gorgeous engagement rings and cute little baby things, but Pinterest, you’re really putting the pressure on with all your suggestions now. It’s ok to stop. I don’t need that kind of pressure in my life right now. I haven’t even met any of my future celebrity husbands yet.

Calm down, or I’m going to put you in the corner.



18 thoughts on “Pinterest thinks I have interests….

  1. This is brilliant! I am a little sad that pinterest doesn’t suggest anything this mad to me. I need more tags like high fantasy maths!?

    You are awesome Gigglingfattie.

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    • aww you’re so sweet!! You are awesome too 😉

      I’m not sure why it suggests things like this. But it knew when I started watching Sherlock again, cos all the Sherlock pints started popping up. And whenever a new Avengers movie comes out there is a resurgence of Avengers pins. But sometimes I get the crazy stuff in there like this haha.

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