Nail Art Sunday: Vacation Update

No – I didn’t bring all my nail things with me on vacation. I’m not that far gone! 

I did bring my nail oil though – you should be using that every day guys!

Before I left for vacation, I took off all my gel polish. It probably would have lasted the two weeks that I was away since I’m not being as hard on my nails as I would have been at work. But alas, it all came off.

I also cut down my nails. This is something I like to do from time to time. Sometimes it’s to just get a new shape, but other times it’s just to get some new growth happening.

I wanted to have clean and dry nails for the full two weeks that I was here, but my mum let me raid her regular polish collection to do my toe nails and fell in love with an amazing purple from Quo by ORLY and had to do my finger nails as well. It’s classified as a “breathable” polish so I’m ok using it while taking a break from other polishes.


Image result for quo vibrant purple nail polish

provided via google


There will be a little bit of a lull in posts in for the next little bit. If you remember, I ordered a whole bunch of stuff right before I left for vacation. The earliest delivery date for the items is August 3rd, and the latest is September 14th. It’s all from Amazon, so I am dependant on the individual sellers and their shipping times. Fortunately, one package has already arrived!! I don’t know which it is, but it’s waiting for me to pick it up when I get back from vacation. WOOHOO. I love having a PO Box to ship things to where it’s held for up to 15 days and I don’t have to worry about it.

I’ll do a reveal post when all 4 packages arrive and then will do a new design after that. I want to use the stamper set that I ordered so we’ll set that up as soon as the products come in!

So basically – if you’re here for nail art, hold tight. It is coming! I make sure to give my nails lots of air time since the gel polish does do quite a bit of damage if you keep it on there constantly (as I learned while in Korea).

Happy summer peeps!


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