Giggling Fattie Goes to the Drive-In

Basically, I felt like I needed to be Sandy from Grease. Will John Travolta ever sing a heart-wrenching song about me?!

I doubt it….

Last night, I went to the drive-in with two of my friends. The last time I went to a drive-in, I watched Jurassic Park. The original JP! Yeah…that’s how long ago it was! So I was super duper excited to go to a drive-in.

The website said that the gates opened at 8, and my friend was driving. She said she was going to pick me up around 5:30. I wondered why so early, but we went and had dinner first. Being that we had to drive to a beach town before taking back country roads to get to the drive-in, there wasn’t much choice so we stopped at trusty old subway (plus 2 out of the 3 people in the car were vegetarians so it cut out all our “walk up burger joint” options)

We were told horror stories of people fighting to get into the drive-in by one of the girls in the car – the last time she went she was lined up on the road and was cut off and almost pushed out of the line by the other cars being so aggressive to get in. We wanted to get there early.

And early we were. We arrived at 6:50…but on the positive side, we were first in line at the gate!

We waited out the time just having general conversation. I feel so old sometimes with them since they are 23 and I am most definitely not. But we suffered through the hell that is Tim Hortons together so we have a bond.

We paid our money ($10 per person) to get in for the double feature. That’s right!! $10 per person for two movies!!! On our screen was Descipable Me 3, and Spiderman: Homecoming. The driver handed out $40 and the dude taking the money said we gave him $20 too much. We didn’t question it so one of us got in for free. We picked a sweet spot almost right up front and in the middle.

Image may contain: grass, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

Isn’t it great?! My friends had clearly done this many times before (I’ve always been classified as a “city princess” and have no idea about such things) and had lawn chairs, blankets, sleeping bags, and bug spray. We were prepared! Not as prepared as some though, who rearranged picnic tables, had badminton rackets and shuttlecocks, brought air mattresses for the back of their vans, and filled the back of pickup trucks with pillows and blankets. For future reference, that is the perfect date to take me on – a pickup truck, pillows, blankets, stars. BAM done. 

Being the city princess that I am, I completely blanked on the fact that we’d have to have the car running the whole night. This drive-in isn’t so old school to have the radio boxes that you can put in your car. But we were close enough to hear sound from the one tiny speaker on top of the screen and also, everyone else was playing their radios super loud so we didn’t have to waste our battery. The movie didn’t start until 9:30 so we had a lot of time to fill. Thankfully, being Mary Poppins, I had brought a deck of cards and we played bullshit until it was time to get popcorn. *which I suck at because I don’t even want to swear to play the game. Sad I know…*

And O-M-G about snacks!! Since my friend was driving, I got the snacks. I picked up an assortment of chocolate bars and gummy candies (they couldn’t eat the gummies because they had gelatin in them), and then offered to buy the driver popcorn. So I went to the concession stand thinking I’d have to sell my first born child for popcorn and a drink, and walked out with a bucket of popcorn plus a small drink for $7!! You read that right, my friends! SEVEN DOLLARS. And guess what? You want a refill on that small root beer? 25 cents. How about another bucket of popcorn to feed the small African nation you have in the back of your car? 25 cents. TWENTY FIVE CENT REFILLS ON EVERYTHING.

Then the movie started. First up Despicable Me 3.

No automatic alt text available.

The “preview” at the start was literally a Looney Toons cartoon. I was like a kid in a candy store – beyond happy!!

This was the perfect drive-in combination because I always have to compromise when going to the movies with the girl who drove. I wanted minions, she is a huge marvel fan. This way, we got both and could sleep when our movie wasn’t on. But usually, I have to go to a movie she wants and then ask her questions all the way through it because I don’t understand what is happening with all the little hobbits and super heroes.

I won’t be that person who gives spoilers, but I wasn’t really impressed with DM3. Like it was cute, but it just didn’t live up to the hype. Although the new villian and his love of the 80’s was spectacular. I wish I could pull off shoulder pads like that.

Intermission made me have a mini flashback to the 50’s when I was clearly not alive (but should have been! I would have rocked the socks off of a poodle skirt).


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dancing snacks!!!

Spiderman was so much better! I even stayed awake through all of it! Although, the people who were beside us left after the first 10 minutes because it was so stupid and they couldn’t believe that this movie was so stupid.

But I was super impressed. You should all know by now how much I love sassy people, and Iron Man is included in that. There were some genuinely funny parts! Like, laugh out loud parts. It was great. Except for



when the Staten Island ferry was split in half and I was having Titanic flashbacks and almost started crying….not for reals you guys, I’m not that much of a city princess…but it was my first thought haha “don’t leave me, Jack! JACK!” Well, he wouldn’t have left you if you hadn’t been such a door hog ROSE!!! You both could have fit on that door and we all know it! *plays my heart will go on while she sobs into a bag of sour worms*

Trauma and spoiler over.

So aside from the awesome prices and the great view, here are a few other things I liked about the drive-in:

  • the fresh cool air
  • being able to sit outside during a movie
  • eating candy without worrying about making too much noise
  • same with coughing, changing positions in your seat, and general fidgeting.
  • seeing an actual wild fox eating the popcorn left by the people who thought Spiderman was stupid before it ran off into the night
  • they actually had decent bathrooms. Good job Drive-in!
  • the time the car alarm went off and everyone was silently judging that person and then, like the Canadian he was, the man shouted out sorry, and like the Canadians we all were, we had a good chuckle and instantly forgave him
  • free, public wifi that actually worked well enough to actually do things on my phone
  • left over candy and chocolate

Things I didn’t like about the drive-in:

  • bugs, bugs, BUGS
  • being able to see bats flying around
  • smokers
  • my butt going completely numb in my lawn chair
  • smelling like bug spray
  • all the bug bites
  • getting home at 2:30 am

So there ya have it, folks! The Despicable Me series has been ruined for me, I actually liked a Spiderman Movie, and I had a great Thursday night with some friends.

One week of vacation done, 9 days left to go!




19 thoughts on “Giggling Fattie Goes to the Drive-In

    • They are really hard to find! But thankfully, this is out in tourist land with beaches and small town feels. It was still a good 45 minute drive to get there but it’s a great little place!

      Bugs always drive me insane haha

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m putting a drive-in movie on my summer to do list although they don’t seem to play new movies at them here its usually like classics Dirty Dancing, Grease etc but still movies you can watch again! I went to see Spiderman last Sunday and thought about Titanic during that scene too, I think the boat ripping apart sounded the same as it did in Titanic lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s a drive-in where my mom lives… my hometown where I grew up. When I was really little, it was an XX drive in! When I was about 14, I think, it changed to a regular drive-in. I haven’t been for YEARS. (I cannot deal with bugs… spray or not.) So… the last time I went was when I was in high school. I don’t remember which movies I saw there back then. Mostly I was in the back seat with my boyfriend… 😀

    I love the Marvel movies but I thought Spider Man Homecoming was kind of slow at the beginning. I kept wondering when it was going to get going. My favorite parts were all the scenes with Tony Stark. Everyone else in my family loved this movie. For me, it was just okay… especially if I compare it to other Marvel movies.

    And the next Marvel movie… Thor: Ragnarok. Even if it sucks, it has Thor so I’ll like it anyway. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😱😱 shenanigans Sandra!!! I am shocked to say I really enjoyed Spiderman. Im kind of over all these shoot off characters like the cat dude? Who cares lol

      But oooooo so excited for a new Thor movie!! Will Loki be in it?! And the next Avengers makes me excited too haha. Maybe a Winter Soldier one? Sebastian Stan is adorable.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I love that there are still drive-ins somewhere in the world! I used to love them back in the day and would go all the time. But I don’t remember all the bugs, funny that. 😄 Sorry DM3 sucked, that’s too bad.

    Fun post! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    Liked by 1 person

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