RDJ Dreams Crushed

Our collective power of positive energy didn’t work you guys.

Ok, so whoever wasn’t putting positive vibes into the universe needs to come forward and just admit it. There will be no harsh punishment – just mild shunning and maybe a tearful rant about how I will now never meet Chris Evans and get married and be happy (even though 4th has told me I’m not allowed to marry him. Given the choice between Chris and Tom though, she did say Chris was ok. But only as the last resort).  That’s so rude – why would you do that to me?! WHY!?

So I’m sure you have figured it out…I didn’t win a lunch with RDJ. I know. It’s soooo shocking. But such is life my Giggling Followers and we must move on!

If you’re new (and you might be, there have been quite a few of you lately. BTW: Welcome!) you can read my first post about this here.

Like I said, I didn’t win. Now, I know all you wonderful folks were pushing all the positive vibes my way. Someone else just had more positive vibe pushers (is this a real job? Because I would be fabulous at it!)

I think I will recover quite well from such a loss, except now I need a new way to amp up my “cool nanny” points. Sure it would have been great to hear “oh, that’s T, my nanny. She met Iron Man.” Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

So I am now accepting any suggestions for coolness points. Children range in age from 7 to 12. Pre-teen girls must be impressed.

I already have tattoos and I’m not getting any more piercings…although I do miss having my nose ring…



15 thoughts on “RDJ Dreams Crushed

  1. C’est la vie! Next time you’ll win for sure!! No idea on the coolness thing… my 12yo thinks I’m the dorkiest human alive. I can’t even count the number of eye rolls I get daily. 😀

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  2. Feel free to push positive vibes my way… I have none currently. My life is more of a if-it-can-go-wrong-it-will kind of situation.

    My kids think I’m cool because I’m funny and I’m a good cook/baker. Not very helpful, I know…

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  3. It was me, but in all honesty, I kind of forgot… won’t happen again. Pinky promise. I don’t know what to tell ya on the coolness factor. I myself am lacking in that department.

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