Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill!

Are you singing yet? 

Lovelies: Do you remember the best days at school? Let me tell you! For me, they always included a TV cart being wheeled into the classroom and Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Doesn’t that bring back all the good feels?

loved Bill Nye the Science Guy. Like for reals – pretty sure he was one of my first celebrity crushes when I was 8 or something. Who doesn’t love a super smart guy?


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When I was a teacher, I even used his show in so many of my science lessons. In teacher’s college, I was observing a grade 2 class two days a week for two weeks. Then I would be teaching in that class for two weeks every day. The first day of observation: a boy pukes during the opening credits of Bill Nye.

So. Many. Memories.

As I’m sure you can deduce, I was soooo excited when Netflix announced that it was going to have a Bill Nye original show. New Bill Nye?! Like I’m just as excited for the new The Magic School Bus episodes but this is Bill Nye!

I got all ready and watched the first episode.

Have you guys seen it yet? There will be spoilers.

Spoiler: Science RULES! Bill SUCKS…

Like seriously…Bill – what happened?!

He is trying way too hard to be cool. Here’s a tip Bill: We all loved you when you were geeky and nerdy and weird. Do that. Stop fist bumping all your guests and making it explode into a bomb. That’s sooooo 2010.

I’m seriously disappointed, Bill. How could you sell out like that?

Thank the sweet baby Jesus that youtube exists and I can watch old episodes of the Bill I once knew and loved.

I still have a few episodes left to watch of the new Bill Nye, but it’s been a struggle to get through them. Sure he has good points and stuff but I wanted the old Bill. Not this new Bill.

Have you seen the new Bill? What do you think?

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