The Neighbour might be a…


Ok, before I get into this – let me just put it out there that this post is not serious in any way. Please don’t send hate mail to me. 

So my parents live in this cute little town. The next town down the road is actually called Canada’s Prettiest Town. And after they rebuilt from a massive tornado a few years back, they totally deserve the title (they deserved it before too but the tornado kind of ruined it for them). Sure a town on the other side was the exact location of the Steven Truscott broo-haha in the late 50’s, and there was apparently a super secret military compound here during WWII, but still – this is a pretty awesome place for them to retire.

That was until Canada Day this year.

I drove home the Friday after just to have dinner with my parents and that’s when I noticed it…

Their neighbour had a black Canada flag.

For all you folks who don’t know what the real flag looks like (who are you?! Seriously why don’t you know this?), this is it*:

Image result

Pretty and simple – impossible to draw freehand with all those points and what not, but at least we don’t have to draw 50 stars or an eagle or something.

This year was Canada’s 150th birthday. She’s an old gal, but dependable. Just like Grandma – and she always has some sort of sweet to share with you (maple syrup, anyone?).

In small towns, everyone gets into celebrating everything. There are parades and dances and the entire street at the main corner is shut down one evening to have a dance tent with beer. We do things up right.

I think you would join me then in my shock and horror when my parent’s neighbour was flying a black Canadian flag.

Image result for canada steamship line flag

Of course, being the overly sarcastic and sassy person that I am, I text my brother and told him that our neighbour was a terrorist for flying this flag. Calling all the other small town soccer dads and farmers in his terror organisation to his house for meetings. The same group who would openly fly a Chicago Blackhawks flag. He’s probably best buds with the idiot who flys a Montreal Canadiens flag….pppffftttttt

Le Brother wasn’t too amused, sending back the classic “mmhmmm” meant to tell me he got the message but was now ignoring any further communication on the subject.

I asked my dad about it- he had no idea what it was about. My mum and dad had googled and had come up with no answers. No one they talked to had any answers. My dad had a theory that it might be a flag of mourning or something. But no leads.

Since I am home for two weeks now, I was sitting outside reading and my neighbour was outside doing some yard work. My dad walked on over to ask him about the flag. Guess what! He had no idea either!! Apparently, some guy from across the street had given it to him and said he could put it on the flag pole if he wanted. So he did. Simple as that.

So maybe the guy across the street is the terrorist?!

In small town fashion, the local news caught wind of this crazy flag and even came to take pictures of it and run it a story about it in the newspaper. They didn’t know what it was either.

No one had any idea!!

Until last night.

Sometime between my dad talking to the neighbour and waking up this morning, someone finally filled the neighbour in. It’s the flag from some shipping company!!

Image result for canada steamship line flag

Apparently, it’s supposed to be a nod towards their ship designs.

Image result for canada steamship line flag

Image result for canada steamship line flag

So there ya go – small town fascination at its best. Now what will occupy my time for the next two weeks?!

*all images used today provided via google search


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