Oh yes, my lovelies! My Online Dating Saga is still going on!! 

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted about my online dating experiences. This is mostly because I quit all the sites I was on. For those of you just stopping by and want to catch up, super quick here ya go:

Stupid CupidIII, IV, V, VI.

Parts I and II have been deleted, mostly because the one guy I had an actual connection with was mentioned in them and when I (stupidly) gave him the link to this blog to explain my alopecia, he spazzed and I haven’t heard from him since. But in his spazzing, he mentioned that he didn’t want to be (and I quote) “A guinea pig” for my posts. So I took them down. But if you wanted to know: we met online a few days after I signed up, it was amazing and wonderful, and it lasted exactly one week, and then it died a horrible death.

So, we’re all caught up, yes? Good.

When I last posted, I was tired of the online dating scene. It’s a hard place to be, especially after I had that great connection in posts I and II. I decided that I needed a little bit of time to just take a break, clear my head and refocus my priorities. I was talking to too many guys all at once and I’m not that girl. I wasn’t feeling it with any of them so I ended it all. I’m not sure how they all took it since most of them were on the sites so I sent a quick “sorry I’m taking a break” message to them all and promptly deleted my accounts. I hate when people just ghost me and I wasn’t about to do that to them.

Two guys were a little more of a challenge to end communications with. The first I had just started talking to a few days earlier but he seemed keen. We were texting and stuff but then when I told him I was taking a break and wished him well, he kept messaging me. I had to repeatedly say “please respect my choice to not pursue this”. He pulled out the guilt trip “but I had planned to come to Toronto and take you out this weekend” thing but after a few messages he finally stopped. No big deal.

Image result for royalty free images broken heart

The other one, you’ve heard about before. He was the one who said he loved me really quickly and was all romantic and affectionate and stuff? He was raised in Africa for a few years in his childhood (or so he said), so I figured that’s where the affectionate side came from. He was older than I would have liked but in all other areas, we seemed to be a good match (good job, already had children, Christian, etc). When I told him via Facebook that I was going to be taking a break and wasn’t feeling a connection with him, he said it was ok, but let’s stay friends because we never know where God was going to take us.

BAM – this was huge! I’m looking for a Christian minded guy. He doesn’t have to be super devote or anything, but I need him to respect my choice to be a Christian and to support me in that choice. This guy was showing all the signs of being a very strong Christian and I liked that.

Related image

We kept talking even after I said I needed a break. We spent almost 3 weeks getting to know each other and I kept liking him more and more. Even after I said I wasn’t feeling that connection with him, we still talked and that connection grew for me. Like a lot.

Now I know you are all super into my love life and just let out a collective “awwwww” over the love prospects of one Miss Gigging Fattie. But catch that aww and stuff it back into your mouth before it gets away from you because it’s about to turn into a “what the actual fudge muffin?!”


Image result for royalty free images shocked and disgusted

this will be you by the end


Image result for royalty free images shocked and disgusted

maybe this too



Looking back, I should have been picking up on a few things before it got 3 weeks in. We never really talked about anything substantial, ya know? Like he told me his favourite colour and stuff but that’s just surface things. When we would talk on the phone, it would be for about 2 minutes max and then that was it. He only ever called me sweetie or baby or honey (which granted, is nice but at least use my real name once in a while).

Then, that last week, things started to get fishy.

His dad had passed (not the fishy part) and he was going to inherit some property from him (again, normal). This was his estranged father so we had a few conversations about him feeling overwhelmed by this gesture. But he “was praying about it” and hoping for guidance from God about the whole thing (he knew exactly what to say).

Now the fishie fishie.

Image result for royalty free images smells fishy

This building was in Turkey. And he had to go inspect it before he could sell it. When he got there, he said he would get a SIM card to keep in contact, but that first day when he sent a text, it was from his cell phone number…came up on my phone with his name. Then he called me from his cell phone number as well. From Turkey…are you serious?! At this point, the alarms in my head were like HELLO?! HELLO!!!???

Related image

Then he found out that this building had about $130,000 worth of debt on it – because the estate planner wouldn’t have known that when they told him about the property? And he couldn’t sell it until he paid it off (why not just sell it, use the money to pay off the debt and then keep the rest?). He had paid off so much, but “honey I’m so ashamed, I’ve never asked a lady’s help for anything” but could I lend him some money and when this building sold for $13 million he’d get me right back. Cos, after all, as his (again direct quote) “girlfriend and fiance” I was entitled to so much of that profit. Um…yeah ok….

At that point, I was done and over it. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too upset about it. It was just like someone switched that part of my brain with all these feelings for him off. *flick* done.

Image result for royalty free images light switch off

But he kept going!! OOOOO this guy!!! He then asked if I did my banking with TD Bank, a popular institution here in Canada. I said no, I bank with someone else (didn’t tell him who).

Then, could I open an account with either TD or RBC under his name to track the movement of cash?

No….they would need to have your ID and passport to do that.

Oh, but honey you could do that under your name.

No, I don’t think so.

Why not? When you truly love someone you will do anything to help them.

Because I don’t know you!

After a few minutes of me just like staring at my phone in disbelief over the conversation that I was having, he said he “understood” and would let me know how it all turned out. That was the last I heard from him. That was a month ago. I’m a little late filling you in. The rage had to go away first. Ps: it’s still here just a little bit.

Looking back, I can see how the flags popping up, but that I can also see how well he played me. Like I’ve had guys say we need to get a drink sometime and then just never hear from them again, I mention that I’m a Christian and not into sexy-time relationships and I get ghosted. Or if I tell them that one of my work kids is in the hospital so I can’t talk on the phone cos I’m at work right now while the parents are with their son who is getting tests done because no one knows why he can’t breathe, they get all pissy and tell me that this isn’t what they want.

But this guy…ooo this guy was good. When I said I wasn’t feeling “us”, he said no problem but let God work our future. That’s honestly what hooked me. That’s what made me keep talking to him even after I stopped talking to all the rest. I asked him what kind of church he went to, it was the same as me and I never even mentioned it. You’d think that a scammer wouldn’t waste their time on a person who said they weren’t interested. But he stuck it out and for almost 3 weeks I was totally starting to fall for the idea of him.

Basically what I’ve learned is this: I trust people way to easily. But I am looking for that connection that I had with the guy from posts I and II which are deleted. I had no issue getting rid of them because he was uncomfortable being there. I have also learned that when someone tries to scam me, it takes about a full week after until I start to feel the raging ginger inside over it. And that now that the anger has almost subsided, I think I might be ready to give it another go after I get back from vacation.

I have also learned that I can apparently write 1600 words about it…OOO I’m sorry ya’ll! If you’ve all made it down this far without giving up, here’s a baby hamster eating some broccoli for your entertainment and happiness.

31 thoughts on “ODS: Part VII

    • Lol I think he just really read my profile and knew what to say to keep me interested. So much effort for such a lame scam. I can’t believe anyone would fall for that.

      And I think we are friends because of the opposites! Hehe. But it works for us 😉

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah I know! I can’t believe he kept it up for like two hours after his first request lol like kept asking me to do this and that and I’m basically screaming at my phone OMG SERIOUSLY!!!

          And you’re right – he be crazy. Not the good crazy like you and me. The bad crazy.


  1. Only 1600 words after that kind of nastiness? I’m impressed – if this happened to me, I get the feeling my post would make a George RR Martin book look like a Reader’s Digest Condensed thingy. *grin*

    So sorry this happened to you, but brava for being wise to his antics once the money stuff started. I have an online friend who started messaging me for advice after the love of her life started ghosting her – slowly but surely, she admitted she’d never actually met the person, but had sent them something in the neighborhood of $5000. Even when I sent her links that showed this person was full of it (the few “facts” provided didn’t match up), she still didn’t want to believe she was being phished. It takes a special kind of UGH! for someone to prey on people’s emotions like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well I did wait a full month before posting about the experience. That probably helped to keep the word count down.

      I’m sorry that happened to your friend!! As soon as I started to get a little wishy-washy about this guy, I decided to actually google him. For a real estate agent to NOT have a website, or even a google presence AT ALL really threw my off. But I kept making excuses in my mind about it. Right up until he asked for money I felt a little weird it was moving so fast but I kept being like “ya know, it could happen!”

      Some people….*angry fist shake*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think trusting people is a wonderful quality–but agree having awareness of the red flags is a must. This is my first visit to your blog, and I love your self-awareness. You learned from experience but didn’t let it make you bitter. In my opinion, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing…taking a few steps forward and looking around to see what’s there. Love your blog–keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “What the actual fudge muffin”! Indeed! What the f**ing fudge muffin!
    It is really cold the way he attempted to play you. The really sad thing is must work sometimes, that is why he tried. 😦

    I’m glad you didn’t fall for it, and at least you have a good story for your next date! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is, unfortunately, a very old con. My mom nearly fell for it back in the day—they used to have these single-parent clubs that were ostensibly for support and camaraderie but really it was a giant dating pool for people who felt like damaged goods—and guys like this would prey there. Good on you for spotting it and reacting with anger! Too many victims feel guilty for “doubting” someone who “obviously loves them” and end up kicking themselves for going against that instinct.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah for def. My uncle was conned by someone a few years ago who called and said he was my cousin. That he had gone to Montreal on a trip with his friends and got into a bar fight and was arrested and needed bail and his nose was broken which is why he sounded different. My uncle wired a LOT of money to them. People like that are so horrible! Preying on the emotions of others.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. You know where you should try to find guys? Craigs List. I’ve had so much luck with them selling stuff that I’m sure you could find a nice young Christian man there. After all, everyone on Craigs List is honest and legit, right? I’m sorry you dealt with this!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. We’ve all made poor decisions, but you turned it into a lesson to warn others. I get it. Your first instinct was I really didn’t like him but I kept talking to him because he mentioned God. We all have to listen to God telling us to run. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. OMG that was like a really long spam email. I am really sorry people suck! I met my second boyfriend on OKCupid and he was a disaster but my fiance came from POF. My friend who introduced us met him there. The good ones are still out there!

    Liked by 1 person

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