The Next Flight Out, Please.

Can we take a trip together?

Do you know anyone who just walks into an airport and asks for the next flight out? Who are these people, and how do they actually plan for their trip?

This is a worry on my mind lately. I am in the middle of my time as a nomad. I just finished my two weeks in a temporary room at the house at work. Yesterday, I packed up my entire life again and moved it over to my permanent room. But just wait! There is more chaos in the life of T!

While I do have access to my permanent room now, I am not unpacking in it. I knew that I would still be taking my two weeks vacation (starting today WOOHOO!) but I thought that my things would be placed in the room and safe for the next two weeks while I’m gone, I was mistaken. For the next two weeks, my room will have a Japanese teenager in it. I don’t know this girl, but there she will be. There is another room at the other house, but since there are 4 girls coming together, it seemed like a bad idea to just have one of them at the other house. So my room it is… I had to make sure that I had everything I needed for this two week stay in one suitcase to go home this afternoon. And then had to worry about my things – would this girl be so bold as to look through my items? I have them all stashed in the closet except for one wheely cart which will be stored in another lady’s room and has most of my things that I would be heart broken if anything happened to them.

Which brings me back to this question of how people can just go to the airport and ask for the next flight out. I know I got a little side tracked there for a tad, I’m sure you’re used to that by now, right?

I had a hard enough time trying to decide what to pack and all the things that I will need just for two weeks to a place where I know what the weather is going to be like – how can these people properly pack for the unknown?

Like sure, I get it. It seems all romantic and spontaneous to just put together a small bag and head to the airport, walk up to the counter and ask for a ticket for the next flight departing and go to this awesome place and meet an exotic stranger and fall in love and never come home (that’s what happens all the time, right?). But I’m a planner. I need to plan things.

What kind of weather will be there? What if you pack for sun and heat but you get to a place with rain and cold winds? What if you only pack for a few days but then decide to stay for longer? What if, what if, what if?!

Have you ever done this? Tell me how it worked out. I can’t even plan my clothes right for going to work (sandals when it’s raining, t-shirt when it’s cold and I have to stand outside watching children’s soccer for 2 hours). How do you do it?!?

Can someone do this as an experiment and then get back to me on how it turned out?


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