My door closes! And other victories

It’s been a day full of victories guys. 

First of all: YES! My door finally closes. I have been in this room for 12 days and my door finally closes. They had a guy come and do some work on it today while I was gone so it was a great little surprise when I got home from work.

You never know the joy of being able to change in your bedroom without listening carefully to make sure no one is walking in the hall, or having to take your clothes into the bathroom when you want a shower. I’m sorry, but I just want to be able to wrap a towel around me and go for a shower. I don’t want to be fully clothed going into, and out of, the bathroom.

Next: My last library book came in! I ordered The Hobbit about 9 weeks ago and I just received notification that it was ready to be picked up today. I was 17th on the list of people waiting I think and they literally just got to me now. So I have a full set of books to read over my vacation.

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I’m just over half way through Shake Hands with the Devil. Then there is The Hobbit and The Night Manager. Tom Hiddleston was in a mini-series based on the book which was awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles (it was seriously really dark, just really well done) so I decided to read the book to see how it compares. Then maybe watch the series again – it’s the perfect reason to see Hiddleston’s tushie.

I learned how to play Minecraft today. Well more like, I learned how to walk around and hit things. I am horrible at video games. I stopped playing almost 2 hours ago and my eyes are still hurting. I fail at video games. But 4th was teaching me – and by teaching I mean taking my controller and doing it for me.

I got to see, and snuggle, 4th this morning. She had a doctor’s appointment and was running around the halls of the second house after yelling “T!!!” trying to find my bedroom. Lately, she had just been latching onto my arm and not letting go. I feel so loved. And she smells like baby powder and coconut oil – it’s an amazing combination.

My new room is ready!! I am going to start moving my things over tomorrow morning! This is going to be my permanent room, and my boss even said that it’s my home now. I feel really good about that. She wants to take next summer off from hosting students and asked if I would be ok to take the summer off (no students, no money coming in, no pay cheque for me). So I’m probably going to have to find a summer job next summer, but we can freak out about that together later. 4th was in the room while we were discussing it and she told me that I am never allowed to leave. Her mom even seconded that. It’s a nice feeling.

My vacation starts in two sleeps!! Which means two weeks at home with my puppy and eating lots and lots of food. Maybe my pants will fit after that two weeks? I know it’s a good problem to have when your pants are too big they keep falling down, but also slightly annoying since I literally just bought them 2 months ago.

I noticed a rebate on my credit card while I was going to pay off my car rental (I only use that card for car rentals since it has insurance on it). So instead of just letting that cover my car rental, I paid my bill in full and decided to treat myself. I only use rewards or points or whatever to buy nail art things so this rebate made it possible to get more polish! I honestly only needed $10 in points to do it, but now I have enough to get a full set of 12 new colours, AND this amazing stamper set that I’ve had my eye on. The reviews are a little iffy on them but the package comes with a full set of brushes, gems, and a little pencil thing to pick up the gems with ease. Super excited. So even if the stamper doesn’t work, I’ll have all the rest of the things. Since the task of picking out colours is a little daunting (12 out of 236 options), BFF-R picked out the colours. I’m trusting her judgement and you will all see the colours when they arrive in the mail. Don’t worry – there is a gold glitter in the set.

I’m not sure I can go to sleep after all those awesome things! WOOHOO for a great day. Hope you had one too!


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