Soccer Savagery

What exactly is up with soccer these days?! 

I work for a soccer family – they all love soccer. All 4 kidlets play soccer in the summer, 3rd plays all year round. But what is the deal with how violent it is?

I know this is ironic coming from someone who has an ice filled heart and lives for hockey games, but still. These are little kids.

1st is 12, almost 13, so the children playing in these games are all that age or younger.

Last night I had the job of taking the 3 girls to soccer. Which is fine. I like to watch them play. When I go by myself, I stay with 4th for her whole game, then we go up a hill to watch 1st and 2nd’s last 20 minutes. 4th wasn’t feeling well, so I had her play the first quarter and then she could decide if she still wanted to play. This usually works at karate, where she doesn’t want to do it but if you just don’t mention it and don’t give her a choice, she does the warm up and then completes the class. But after the first quarter when she switched off the field, she was done. Another mom had offered me a chair to sit in, so 4th snuggled in on my lap and played on my phone while we watched the rest of the game (ps: aren’t kid snuggles the best? She smelled like coconut oil and baby powder).

While we were there, the mom who gave me a chair was talking to me (after her obligatory comment that 4th smells like a cabbage patch doll) about soccer. Apparently last week, the team they played was horrible! They were kicking and hitting our team so much. And these are seven-year-olds!! SEVEN!

1st and 2nd had a game on Thursday, and both came back limping from it. During the game yesterday, 2nd literally got slapped across the face on purpose by another player. Who does that?! Like the game had to stop because 2nd was crying. If I had been watching that game….oooo man!!

Like this is so ridiculous!! Who is teaching these kids to be so savage during summer soccer programs? It’s insane.

And then, of course, you have the parents. Chair mom was flipping out over every single call, yelling super loud about how the ref must have been related to someone on the other team. He apparently had no idea what he was doing? He was letting the other team push and kick our team and not calling it, and then calling fake things on our team. During the handshake line at the very end, a kid from the other team pushed one of our kids and WOW I have never seen a bunch of parents get so upset so quickly.

Guys….it’s just soccer…


8 thoughts on “Soccer Savagery

  1. My boss’ family is also a soccer family. One of her sons (jr. in high school) recently got a concussion from an intentional headbutt from an opposing team member and the ref didn’t even bat an eye apparently. If I ever have kids, I won’t let them play soccer. Football, yes, because at least they have helmets and padding.

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    • Yeah, 3rd had a concussion last summer (I wasn’t working with them yet). I had no idea that it was so violent. They all wear shin guards, so when they come home limping and with a bruise on their shins, they’ve REALLY been kicked. I’d definitely be a hockey mum haha. Hockey all the way.

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  2. That is pretty shocking that whoever was refereeing didn’t stop the violence! Isn’t the whole point of learning to play team sports that you learn to behave like a sportsman/women!?

    There is a famous phrase in the UK “rugby is a thug’s game, played by gentlemen and football is a gentlemen’s game played by thugs.” It sounds about right for these kids. 😦


    • I know! It was insane! Even the mom was shocked. Apparently there is usually a letter sent out saying bullying and violence isnt going to be tolerated but it didnt go out this year. So perhaps some parents jave forgotten how to be decent people?

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  3. I hate all of it. Parents are so obnoxious that the kids think it’s okay to physically hurt other kids. A few years ago at a high school hockey game in a town near mine, one kid’s father was fighting with another kid’s father from the other team and one dude hit the other… the guy fell, smacked his head on the ice, and died! Seriously. I’m not kidding. My kids are forbidden from ever playing football (American football) or hockey. But I’m glad they aren’t interested in soccer either.

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