Click Bait

I have to admit something: I’m a sucker for click bait posts. 

I’ll just be scrolling through Facebook in the morning, enjoying my cup of coffee thinking about how awesome it would be to be Mrs. Tom Hiddleston, and then I’ll see a post which I have to read! And half the time it’s something stupid which I know I’m going to regret spending my time on. But other times, not so much.

Sunday morning I was doing exactly this, and I came across 12 Celebrities You forgot were in Harry Potter. So obviously click bait. But could I resist? No. Of course not! I mentally prepared myself for what was going to come next.

The first entry they had was a few Dancing with the Stars professional dancers. Julianne and Derek Hough. At first, I was like “umm no…you are soo totally wrong!” so I headed on over to IMDB to check it out (obviously I have way too much time on my hands on Sunday mornings). And it’s true!! She was uncredited in the first film. So already it was totally worth clicking on this link.

Their next entry though, actually made me scoff out loud! SCOFF I TELL YOU! Robert Patterson. Are you freaking kidding me?! Who would forget he was in the franchise?! WHO!? Please tell me one single person who would have forgotten that he was in it because they need a swift punch in the face…with a chair…

A few others included: John Cleese the actress who played Fleur (she eventually went on to a role in Gossip Girl), and the one who played Tonks (went on to Game of Thrones). I rolled my eyes for literally all of these.

There were a few that I kind of agree with. I’m not sure if I would say that I forgot that they were in Harry Potter, just that they changed so much after that it was hard to recognise them.

The first being Alfred Enoch who was in the BBC’s Sherlock and then How to get away with Murder.

Image result for alfred enoch harry potter and now


Then Luke Youngblood who went on to play Magnitude in Community made popular for his line “pop pop!”

Image result for alfred enoch harry potter and now

Image result for luke youngblood harry potter and now

I knew about these two already, but the one that shocked me the most was Freddie Stroma. If you’re a Potter Head, you will know him as Cormac McLaggen – the slimeball who wanted to hook up with Hermione and tried to get onto the Quidditch team as Keeper instead of Ron.

Image result for freddie stroma harry potter

Now what really shocked me was that he was also in Pitch Perfect! Yes – that’s right! He was the very smexy radio station manager in the first Pitch Perfect movie.

Image result for freddie stroma harry potter

BAM look at those abs. Remember that scene? He wants a hamburger, Jesse says he should slow down on all the fast food he eats, he looks down and says he thinks he’s good, and then Becca is like “oh yeah he’s good.” (in all fairness, I literally just watched this movie a few days ago, hence the quoting). *fans self* I don’t think even Hermione would pass on him now…


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