Nail Art Sunday: Colour Blocking

I was at it again this week with a new design! 

Have you noticed lately that a lot of my trials have failed? This week was no exception.

I was using this photo as inspiration:

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Cute right?! I know! Now I don’t have these colours exactly, so I used grey and green.

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Again: adorable! I was so excited!! Thursday morning I set up in my room. Now, my door still doesn’t close properly so I didn’t do a video but I made sure to take lots of photos for ya’ll.

Look at this beautiful application for the first coat! I was so impressed with how lovely it turned out. Almost like a real professional did it! Of course, I did have help from a slanted makeup brush and rubbing alcohol to clean up the edges before the light, but still.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Next, I had to put on the nail tape. This was difficult doing it all by myself and took a long time. Then I put a few coats of polish on overtop. I had to put the grey on super thick for it to cover the green.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

Moment of truth time!!! I had to peel off the striping tape. I did this slowly, but sometimes it would just peel out from under it, and not up through the polish. On other nails, it ripped off the entire top colour. It was a disaster.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

You can see on my pinky there, that if the polish wasn’t so thick, and if the tape had come off better, it would have looked really nice. Although I was told after that I should have used brighter colours.

So then I had to make a decision. Here I was sitting in my room with one hand totally destroyed and the other with only one coat of polish on it waiting to have to design applied.

I took the hit and completely removed all the polish from my right hand. Which meant sitting for 10 minutes with acetone on the nails, and then scrapping off all the polish. It had to be done!! I then had to reapply the polish to my right hand and start all over again. It meant that instead of having grey being the dominant colour, I now have green, but whatever.

I then had to draw the lines on by hand. I needed help from another lady living here to do my left, but in the end, they did come out ok.

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

The lines are a little shaky, but whatever.

And if that wasn’t bad enough while cleaning up my workstation at the end of my bed, I was reaching over to the garbage can to throw something out, and the chair I was sitting in literally fell over. I was on the floor. Horrible way to start my day! But at least, in the end, I have almost super cute nails to last me the next little while.

6 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Colour Blocking

  1. I love the color combo! I’ve been watching nail art tutorials lately because they are so fascinating… Did you let the paint dry before removing the strips? If so, that might have been the issue. Maybe try it with a darker color on top allowing you to only have to apply one coat then removing the strips…

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    • I use gel polish – I think in Canada it’s called lacquer? You have to put it under a UV light to dry it. So the polish was cured before I removed the tape. It was just too thick. So next time, thinner layers. And maybe I’ll just do one or two really thin layers and then touch up with a brush? Not sure. It will be a little bit before I try again haha. I like to have my polish on for 2 weeks, and then at least a one week break to let my nails breathe.

      I love the colour combo too!! It’s so pretty. I’ve started doing videos as well and wish I had done it for this one – but there is always next time!

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  2. Nice come back 😉 i created a similar design on my nails for easter called Politely Pastel. Its on my blog if you like to check it out http: you could also try applying that top coat with a sponge

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