Movie Update

So I promised ya’ll that I would watch Deadpool and Ant-Man this week and I have.

I watched them both today! I did start to have my regular back and forth with my brother while watching Deadpool and was going to post it, but the loser face that he is, he stopped talking to me. Probably because he was watching a tv show that I recommended to him.

So here are my (very short) thoughts:

Deadpool: HILARIOUS!! too many swears, but amazing. I loved it! Ya’ll were right – I loved it. I think that Deadpool should be in the Marvel movies with Iron Man. Can you imagine!? Of course, I brought up that my future husband, Chris Evans’ character Captain America would not approve. Then saw this on Pinterest while eating dinner after the movie:


So much language

Poor Cap! I’ll give you a hug if you need it


Ant-Man: Meh. I gave it a second chance, it still didn’t wow me.

So thanks for the push to watch (and rewatch) these movies. It was a nice way to spend my Sunday.


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